Care and meaning of flowers



If you want to send a gift with a symbolic character then you can choose a bouquet or an arrangement of fresh flowers. Consider the following tips for the care and the meaning of flowers.


The type, the number and the colour of the flower play a special role in the occasion but also in what you want to express by giving a bouquet of flowers. We have gathered all the information you need to give your gift a special meaning and symbolism. Before you decide on your gift, have a look at our suggestions for the perfect gift that will help you express your feelings.


You received a bouquet of flowers and you don’t know how to keep the flowers fresher for longer?


A guide to caring for and preserving cut flowers will help you with the steps you need to follow to place them in your vase. They will beautifully decorate your living room or office and will give a sense of freshness to your space.


Do you want to keep the flowers longer for emotional reasons?


The solution is one, drying. You received a lovely gift of flowers but you want to keep forever a memory of this movement of love, then you have to follow the guide below and keep your flowers fresh for a long time.




How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh


Meaning of rose colour


Flower Varieties


Meaning of rose number


Ecuador roses, the best roses in the world

Ecuador roses, the best roses in the world


How to dry flowers