Meaning of Rose Number

Flowers and more specifically - roses are the most popular gifts for people, men and women, all around the world. Especially women love to receive flowers as a gift, from those who mean something to them.

Did you receive a bouquet of gorgeous roses for your birthday, for your celebration, for your anniversary or just for Valentine’s Day? Did someone send you a bouquet of fresh roses at home or in the office as a surprise? Did you count them? How many flowers did the bouquet have? You may think this does not matter, as the gesture is what counts, but it seems that the number of flowers contains a hidden message.

So what does the number of roses you received mean? What does the sender wants to tell you? In the list below you can find out how the different numbers of roses can represent different love messages.

Single rose: Love at first sight. After years it means "You are the one and only".

Two roses: Mutual love and affection.

Three roses: Symbolizes the couple and love. They usually send it on the first anniversaries.

Six roses: Erotic madness or "I want to be yours".

Seven roses: Intense but short-lived passion or admiration.

Nine roses: Eternal love.

Ten roses: The good ten - "You are perfect for me".

Twelve roses: A dozen - "Be mine".

Thirteen roses: More friendly approach or secret admirer.

Fifteen roses: Apology for something, deep regret, guilt.

Twenty roses: "I'm honest with you." It gets a little too much.

Twenty-one roses: To show that you are committed to a love or friendship

Twenty-four roses: Two dozen means "I am devoted to you".

Twenty-five roses: "Congratulations".

Thirty-six roses: Three dozen, apart from a wasteful man, show an exaggeration. "I'm crazy about you" or "I remember our romantic moments".

Forty roses: "My love for you is true."

Fifty or more roses: To make an impression. As if to say "my love, for you knows no bounds".

Make your orders from a flower shop near you to express your feelings to your special recipient on any occasion. It is always great to send and to receive beautiful roses regardless of the number.