Ecuador roses, the best roses in the world

Roses hold a distinct position in the hierarchy of flowers – they’re generally considered the best of all flowers. They are used in bouquets, floral arrangements, festivals, and ceremonies in a variety of colors, but especially in deep red hue for the reason that it represents love. They represent the beauty of nature and love. Roses may be the most popular flower in the world, long coveted for their beauty and sweet fragrance. 

The floriculture industry only began in the 1990s, with U.S. laws designed to promote flower growing in South America. By 2013, the industry had become well-established in Ecuador and neighboring Colombia. Today, Ecuadorian roses are prized for their size, longevity, and amazing varieties of colors. With bright colors and fragrant scents Ecuadorians roses spread beauty and love throughout the world.

Around the world, Ecuadorian roses are known as the most beautiful and high quality roses and they are appreciated by their features. Here are just a few reasons why Ecuador has become the producer of the best roses in the world.

Largest Rose Head Sizes 

Unlike roses grown in Holland or Africa, roses from Ecuador have larger buds and blooms. In fact, Ecuadorian roses' heads measure up to 0,06cm larger in diameter than roses grown in other countries. They also have longer, thicker stems than other types of roses. In fact, Ecuadorian rose stems can grow to be over 1.5m tall. This is mostly due to the geography and climate conditions in the region where roses are cultivated.

Long Lasting Roses 

Roses are beautiful and they smell wonderful, but they don’t always last very long. Soon, the blooms fade and fall off. The flowers are stronger and stems thicker thanks to the longer development and growth times from the higher elevation and cooler temperatures. Thanks to the growing conditions on the Equator these roses are so stronger and will remain fresh for a longer period of time compared to roses from other countries.

Ideal Growing Conditions

Ecuador offers some of the most unique growing conditions in the world for roses. There are two factors that contribute to larger, longer-lasting flowers. The first is simple geography. Because Ecuador is an equatorial country, flowers receive more hours of daylight than anywhere else in the world. The second factor is that roses in Ecuador are grown at high altitudes. Most of the roses in the country are grown in the Pichincha province in the Andes Mountains, at an elevation between 2,800 and 3,000 meters above sea level. The higher elevation and cooler temperatures slow the development of the roses. This means the rose plants have more time to grow their stems making them the most beautiful long stemmed roses in the world.

Wide Selection of Vibrant Colors

Another feature that’s increased interest in Ecuadorian roses is the wide variety of colors and color combinations. There are over 500 different rose varieties grown in Ecuador in almost any color imaginable. Natural roses include multiple shades of white, red, pink, yellow, green, lavender, purple, and orange. There are also many roses that have mixed colored hues, making them even more appealing. Bi-colored roses grow exceptionally well in Ecuador due to the colder temperatures at night which allow for changing tones along the outer edges and inner half of the petals.


Although roses aren’t native to Ecuador, there are now over 500 varieties of Ecuadorian roses. This may be partly because biodiversity lends itself to propagation. With plenty of birds, bees, butterflies, and other ready sources of pollination, Ecuadorian roses can thrive as they might not in less diverse ecosystems.

The altitude also adds to the lack of insects and organisms that can be normally found at lower elevations. This aids the roses to be healthier by not being eaten or damaged in the growth process.

Ecuadorian roses are beautifully large, come in a rainbow of colors, have a long vase life, and are an asset to their ecosystem as they provide pollen and nectar to animals like bees and butterflies. It’s no wonder that these roses have become so popular throughout the world.

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