12+1 Plants for Good Luck and Positive Energy

We use plants to beautify and enrich our surroundings, environments and lives. Some plants do not only play these roles. They help enhance our environment with positive energy while purifying the air.

Let's discover together some plants that will help you not only release the negative energy but also create the ideal conditions for well-being, relaxed mood and unsurpassed sense of rejuvenation.


A favorite plant, jasmine attracts positive energy and helps strengthen relationships. Its sweet and pleasant scent not only reminds us of the summer carefree moments of our holiday, but it calms the mind and gives positive energy. Place the plant indoor, close to a window and ideally looking south. Instead, in the garden, it should be placed north, east or northeast.


Bamboo has become fashionable as decoration for the home, as well as to give a sophisticated touch to our living rooms, but it also has become popular to attract positive energy. It is said that bamboo integrates growth and water, offering purity, transparency and life. Having this plant in our home will bring us a feeling of comfort, calmness and drive away envy. Bamboo plant has been used in Asia for thousands of years as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. In fact, according to feng shui, the bamboo's vertical shape represents the element of wood that affects our vital energy and physical activity. For best results, place it in a corner with low light and away from direct sunlight. Store in a glass bowl with about 2.5 cm of distilled or purified water.


Also known as the lily of peace, it is believed to offer spiritual, mental and physical health. Improves the flow of energy at home cleans the air and neutralizes harmful internal gases. It helps clear out any spiritual, emotional and physical issues. It grows well in shaded or dark places. It is perfect for the bedroom to promote serenity and tranquility for sleep.


One of the most classic and favorite flowers or indoor plants, the orchid attracts positive energy and simultaneously improves the energy of the home and the living conditions of the hosts. The orchid has a sweet and pleasant fragrance that enhances mood while its flowers are kept for long time. Orchids release oxygen in the evening, so if you choose to put it in the bedroom you will see the quality of your sleep changing significantly.


Rosemary is one of the best plants for purification in the home. This plant helps lift depression while battling anxiety. Its origin is from the Mediterranean region and was once symbolic for remembrance. Rosemary is a plant that brings inner peace and actually promotes your physical and mental well-being while helping to remove harmful toxins and to purify the air. This plant helps lift depression while battling anxiety.  The scent of rosemary has the magical ability to instantly improve mood, reduce fatigue, fight stress, improve memory and eliminates insomnia. It is kept in a sunny position and does not need excessive watering.


Aloe has amazing qualities for healing everything and brings good luck and positive energy. It is known that Aloe fight bad luck and negative vibes in your home. It prefers indirect sunlight or artificial light while watering it regularly and make sure it has a good drainage.


It is one of the most amazing summer plants to keep in your home, not just for cooking and removing mosquitoes, but for its ability to heal irritations, cleansing toxins, and enforce spiritual strength. Basil is a plant that attracts positive vibrations to the environment. Emitting oxygen 20 hours a day, it absorbs harmful gases from the environment and is a powerful antioxidant with antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects.


This plant not only brings beauty to any space, but it is one of the best air-filtering houseplants.  According to feng shui, ivy produces a positive flow of energy that invites and locks good luck. It is suggested to be placed in outer passages and doorways for good luck and health. Its message is to continue building upon the past, balancing the old with the new. To drastically reduce stress and negative thoughts, place the plant in front of an angle with its shoots upwards.


Chrysanthemums are known for their beauty and for bringing a sense of relaxation to any place. This plant promotes happiness and a good mood, so it is recommended for areas where there is constant tension or arguments. Chrysanthemum acts as an air purifier and removes toxins from the house, representing purity and sincerity. Chrysanthemum promotes well-being and symbolizes long life and offers a sense of calm.


Cactus has the ability to repel envy, to escape intruders, mean people, hypocrites and absorb the negative electromagnetic energy from home appliances. Consequently, cacti are not just a very beautiful decorative suggestion but they care for the positive energy of your space.

Areka Palm

The leaves of this plant have a gracious flow that will soften the energy of a home or an office space. It also works wonders for air purification, removing all harmful toxins from the air, for a clean and pure living environment.

Money Tree

According to feng shui plant’s energy produces a flow that attracts wealth and good luck.  The reason it is called the money plant is because of its leaves resembling coins. This plant increases the oxygen level of the home. The money plant is best to have near electronics such as computers, televisions, or routers. Usually find it in workplaces as it does not need much care.


Sage contains many positive properties that help to clean the air but also to remove negative emotions, such as fear. Ensures good flow of positive energy at home and has a long history of medicinal and culinary use. Avoid placing it in dry or low humidity areas.

If you are looking for solutions for better mood and wellness, any of the above plants will help you. Visit our online florists at to find the perfect plant for you or your loved ones.