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What are the best plants for business premises?

Decorating a business space is undoubtedly one of the key components of its success. The aesthetic part of a business is essential to create a positive first impression and has a decisive effect on the customer's psychology. It is very important that the atmosphere in a business place, in addition to beauty, exudes purity, calm and of course positive energy.

Plants are the most impressive and natural element for any indoor or outdoor space, they can really completely change the image of any workplace. They will change the style of your space, offering quality and aesthetic design.

Find below some of the appropriate plants, which without special care, can highlight our space and transmit positive energy. Let's look at the most interesting proposals to decorate our office or professional space.

Companies and public places

Decorate your business space smartly and economically with the use of plants. Give a pleasant note to the space and impress the visitors or clients of your offices. It also has a significant effect on our mood since work is the place where we spend much of our day and we need a beautiful environment to be able to work comfortably, calmly and pleasantly! A few green touches are enough to transform your office into a unique space.

For the business spaces, we need plants that are imposing, with beautiful and impressive foliage, to give prestige and to provide a pleasant tone to the atmosphere of the space. At the same time, we want plants that are relatively hardy, so that they need relatively limited care, can withstand shade and low light and do not have problems with diseases.



The genus Dracaena has about 40 species that differ in shape and size. It originates from the tropical regions of Asia and Africa and in these regions it can reach up to 6 meters. Dracaena with its entire species is one of the plants that you can keep in the shade. Some of their species also like partial shade, but usually away from direct sunlight. It needs pruning from time to time and attention to watering, so that a large amount of water does not fall and the roots rot. There are many ornamental varieties with different colours on the leaves. The growth of the plant is slow. The dracaena is placed in bright places in the room with ideal temperatures of 18-21oC. Watering and fertilizing the plant is done with the same logic as in other indoor plants.


Kentia is an exotic plant with great ornamental value and very popular for indoor use. Its origin is from Polynesia. The kentia is a relatively hardy plant, with rich slender long branches and dark green foliage. It should be placed in areas with moderate lighting and there should be no direct exposure to the sun. Room temperatures should range from 15oC-25oC. The leaves should be sprayed with water, while it needs regular watering and soil for indoor plants, with good drainage. It is very easy to grow without causing problems.

Money Tree

The Money Tree is also called "Pachira" and is one of the favorite plants in Feng-shui theory. It is considered the plant that will bring good luck and a lot of money to your home. Its height can reach up to 2 meters, its leaves are thin and shiny and its trunks are usually braided together, so as to form a braid and "trap" luck and money. For its care, it is enough to have plenty of light, without direct exposure to the sun; while it does not need much watering. It is a beautiful plant and does not need special care.



Chamaedorea is a kind of bamboo-palm tree that reaches up to 3 meters in height. It withstands even the darkest corner of any place, but without flowering. In moderate brightness it blooms in spring. Its direct sun causes the leaves to burn. It is one of the most popular types of palm tree for interior decoration. Prefers a dry atmosphere, so should be placed relatively close to a radiator.

Hotel, hostel, AIRBNB, boutique hotels or accommodation for rent

Use plants to create an environment suitable for guests who are seeking paid accommodation after business, tourist, educational or hard work visiting. Since they have been away from the place of their permanent residence it will be a lovely experience for them offering the right hospitality environment that will be unforgettable. Beautify the space, placing small or large indoor plants in places that do not obstruct your visitors.


Give an impressive result to hotel rooms or rental houses with a lovely orchid plant with impressive flowers, in various shapes and colors that last up to three months. Choose a bright place for the orchid with filtered light and not direct bright light to bloom better, away from radiators, from cold and hot currents, as well as from frosted windows. Ideal temperatures to keep the orchid indoors are between 18-27 ° C.


Sansevieria or Plant snake (also called Mother-in-law’s tongue) is considered one of those plants that does not need much care as it can be placed in all places, without being affected by exposure or not to the sun, although it is better to prefer the places with direct sunlight. Watering and fertilization is normal, depending on the weather conditions, taking care that the soil is always moist but not muddy and the fertilization is repeated every 15-20 days in water-soluble indoor fertilizer, preferably. It can reach a height of up to 1 meter. It likes dry air and removes formaldehyde, benzene trichloroethylene, and xylene.

Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is one of the most common indoor plants as it grows very well in pots and indoors. It has beautiful, large, fleshy, thick and glossy leaves, bright green. Water frequently in summer and fertilize as with other plants every 20 days with water-soluble fertilizer for indoor plants. It is good to clean the leaves every 2 weeks or so with a damp cloth to remove dust. If this plant is injured then it produces a white milky liquid which is toxic and irritating when it comes in contact with the skin. Thus, if something similar is observed, it should be cleaned immediately with a damp cloth and removed for a while so that it is not accessible to children or pets. 


Zamioculcas or Zamia is a plant native to the rainforests of Africa. It is a tuberous plant. The leaves are hard and leathery, thick with a bright green color. It has a stable configuration and is almost upright, resulting in wonderful arrangement in decorative pots. It is resistant to lack of water. It usually enters less bright areas of the room. Watering should be repeated 2 times a week, depending on the conditions, while fertilization is done approximately every 20 days with water-soluble fertilizer for indoor plants. It is good to clean the leaves often because they easily collect dust. 

Medical center, pharmacy or aesthetic places

Indoor plants benefit health because they improve air quality and increase oxygen levels. So, the decoration of the reception area of the doctor's office, your aesthetic place or the pharmacy will affect the psychology of the patient but also of the medical staff.

The selection and installation of indoor plants in the reception and waiting areas of medical premises should have a discreet presence and be harmoniously integrated in the design of the space.


Some of the plants that have the ability to filter the air and neutralize harmful substances are:

Lily of the peace

If you are looking for indoor plants, you probably want an impressive plant with flowers. Spathiphyllum (Lily of the peace) is one of them, with its foliage and flowers standing out. It has long embossed leaves and beautiful white flowers. It originates from South and Central America and is one of the plants that adapt very easily indoors. It needs moderate watering and low light conditions to grow. The ideal temperature is 21-24 ° C. It is a plant that cleanses the atmosphere of toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide. It is an elegant and beautiful solution for every place!

Anthurium plant

Add color and intensity to a workplace with a bright Anthurium plant! Originally from Hawaii, this plant is one of the most popular and striking indoor plants, known for its characteristic heart-shaped flowers of usually red color (also, white, orange and pink flowers). Anthurium will not disappoint us as it is characterized by long flowering and has glossy green foliage. It prefers a bright space without receiving direct sunlight so as not to create burns on its leaves.


Calathea stands out for the color of its leaves which can be bicolour or tricolor. Place it in a prominent position to steal the impressions and it will reward you with its stately appearance. Maintain the moisture needed to grow and give your space an elegant plant that will highlight the quality and style of the room. It belongs to the plants that clean the air. It can reach a height of one meter. It needs a semi-shady place and is protected from cold and currents. Direct contact with sunlight will cause the leaves of the plant to fade.


Ivy plants can be a climbing plant and are very durable! It has very fast growth and impresses with its greenish or greenish-yellow foliage consisting of trilobite or pentagonal leaves while it succeeds and climbs using small aerial roots that hold the plant in interior walls. Extremely durable plant, which adapts to all conditions and situations and will not bother us in any case as it withstands both low and high temperatures.

Catering places, restaurant, bars, cafeterias

Welcome your customers in a welcoming space using plants that will add a warm or tropical touch to your store. Decorate your restaurant, cafeteria, bar or any other dining area using plants that are perfect to make the atmosphere so warm that will change the mood of your customers and your own.

Chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen (aglaonema) originates from the SE. Asia, is a very nice ornamental plant indoors. The leaves of the plant are up to 15cm long. They are green with silver-green streaks characteristic that gives it great ornamental value. The height of the plant reaches up to 30-35 cm. They do not have special requirements in terms of lighting and can be placed in places with direct sunlight. The room temperature should not exceed 28oC. Ideal temperature is between 10-15oC, while it is a plant resistant to low temperatures.


Monstera or Philodendron is a plant that adapts easily to low light environments. It is available in climbing and shrub varieties, while standing out with its impressive leaves. As an indoor plant, it enters places with bright lighting, but it is good not to fall directly on the leaves but to insert a curtain. Watering and fertilizing is done as in most indoor plants. When watering, do not forget to always keep the soil moist. The longer a monster is kept indoors, the stronger its trunk will be, the more durable its leaves will be, the glossy and of course larger they will be.

Bamboo Palm

Originally from Mexico and Central America, the Bamboo Palm is a palm plant that adapts easily indoors, creating a more tropical feel in the room. Its height can reach 60-100 cm. It needs frequent watering (more than other indoor plants) all year round. It grows slowly. It enters bright spots but without direct sunlight. We often spray the leaves.

Ficus Benjamina

Ficus Benjamin is a popular and a favorite choice for any public place. Originally from Malaysia, it is a tropical plant with tree-like growth that stands out for its rich, glossy green foliage. It needs a bright position to thrive and have lush green foliage. It is important to place it in a place that does not come into direct contact with the sun's rays, as exposure to direct light can cause burns on its leaves, especially on hot summer days.

These plants are just some of the ones that are perfect for a business or public place. Areca, cacti, succulents and dozens of other plants, have the same ability to survive in the shade, away from the sun. Many of the plants presented are not only used indoors, but also grow well in the garden or on balconies. Of course, there are many more plant species that are planted indoors that anyone interested can discover.

What are the perfect planters?

The selected pots should have excellent quality material and construction. Use the ones that have a self-watering system so watering is better controlled and it is easier and safer to manage the plants. In terms of their aesthetics, the shape and color of the planters will be chosen depending on the place where they would be placed and the plant they would host.


Treat plants as decorative elements but also as living organisms and do not forget to take care of them, water them, change their pots and clean their leaves to continue to beautify your space for a long time.

On our website you will find a variety of indoor or outdoor plants and trees to match depending on the layout of your spaces and the style of your company. We will help you with the properties and information about their care so don’t hesitate to visit!