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Crete is the largest island of Greece and one of the most popular holiday destinations. The imposing mountains, the fascinating canyons, the lacy beaches with crystal clear waters combine wonderfully with the genuine traditional Cretan cuisine and the rich history and mythology of the island.

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Heraklion is the capital and largest city of Crete. The natural Cretan environment, archaeological sites, monuments and historical landscapes are inextricably linked to people's memories and compose a unique landscape. The wealth of the island in archaeological treasures is highlighted through its museums. Heraklion today is buzzing with life and intense activity. Don't forget to buy before you go traditional Cretan products, such as oil, tsikoudia (raki), local wine, honey, herbs, etc.


Chania is the capital of the Prefecture of Chania which is located in western Crete and combines beautiful beaches, fertile plains, high mountains and impressive canyons, such as the Samaria canyon. Chania is one of the oldest cities in Crete, with a rich history that has preserved its traditional architecture and preserves most of its monuments from the time of the Venetians and the Turks.


The Peloponnese is a destination that has great monuments of antiquity, attractions that capture its history and culture deep in history. An excellent choice for every type of visitor as it has traditional guesthouses and modern hotels that can be enjoyed by anyone in all four seasons of the year.

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Patra is the largest economic, commercial and cultural center of the Peloponnese and western Greece and the third largest city in Greece. The city of Patras has a great history of four thousand years. Patra is included in the list of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Discover the most important attractions of Patras by walking. Each stop has its own story to tell about a community of people that has been preserved over the centuries.

It is the "hometown" of the most famous carnival in Greece. Patra is a happy city with endless fun and energy that lives to the rhythm of the carnival all year round.


Kalamata is a city that combines tradition with natural beauty and historical attractions. Picturesque squares, endless beaches, beautiful churches, neoclassical buildings, mansions, museums and the castle, which is still used today for various shows, events, concerts, make up the image of a modern city that will surely pleasantly surprise you.

It is worth getting to know the night entertainment in Kalamata. In winter, the city's nightlife is in the historic center, while in summer in bars and clubs by the sea.


Epirus is located in the northwestern corner of Greece and is an ideal travel destination for any season of the year. It is the place that brings it all together. Geographically isolated for centuries, the region of Epirus developed its own culinary richness, based entirely on local products and following the needs and possibilities of each region separately. Explore picturesque villages, canyons, lakes, rivers, mountains, in Epirus all seasons of the year and experience unique experiences and surprises.


Ioannina is located in the center of a beautiful valley, next to a magical lake, between large mountains. It was a multicultural territory, with dominant elements, Christian, Islamic and Jewish, a coexistence that has left strong marks on the historic center of the city.

The options are truly limitless and vary from season to season, making Ioannina a fantastic destination, whatever the season. Stroll around Lake Pamvotida, visit silversmiths shops known throughout Europe, enjoy food and coffee in the bustling city center. The nightlife options are many and offer unforgettable experiences of relaxation and entertainment for the locals and tourists.

The city of Ioannina is one of the most picturesque in Greece and captivates visitors with its unique landscapes and attractions.


Arta, a modern city with respect for its history and heritage, is waiting for you to discover it. Come and get to know a city with a rich history, many and important historical monuments.

The trademark of the city is the Giofiri (Bridge) of Arta which, according to the folk song, describes the difficulty of erecting it, as "they built it all day, it was torn down at night".


Macedonia is the largest geographical division of Greece and is located in the northern part of the country. The flowing rivers, the picturesque lakes, the fertile valleys, the vast plains, the imposing mountains, the verdant forests, the impressive caves, the spectacular waterfalls, the hot springs and the lacy coasts, the windless bays and the ports of the Aegean are some of the natural beauties that will impress the visitor.


The prefecture of Serres thanks to its unique natural beauties, remarkable archaeological sites, interesting options for winter and alternative tourism, and the thermal springs in Nigrita and Sidirokastro, known for their healing properties. It is the prefecture with the most villages in all of Greece.

The city of Serres and the capital of the prefecture of the same name is the commercial, agricultural and financial center of the prefecture. It is a modern city that gathers many important attractions and that has nobility and unparalleled beauty.


Friendly, beautiful and with a wealth of cultural attractions, the second largest city in Greece is located in its northernmost part. Thessaloniki is a city that you can easily walk around, enjoy its sights and excellent food. The area around Thessaloniki is one of the most fertile in Greece, with enormous wealth in the production of local products and the sea being the main source of food. The history, the geographical position, the traditional music, the natural environment, the beaches and of course the gastronomy of the city are the main searches of its visitors.


Thessaly is located in the eastern part of the continental trunk of central Greece. The Thessalian plain is surrounded by Mount Olympus, Pelion, Ossa, Othrys and Kamvounia, while the Pinios river and its tributaries cross it, creating landscapes of extraordinary beauty. Thessaly harmoniously combines nature escapes and authentic traditional products in winter, the spring awakening of nature and the sinking of a single historical significance in spring, relaxation and holidays in summer and the beauty and melancholy of autumn.

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The city of Larissa is one of the largest cities in Greece with a population of approximately 500,000 inhabitants with mainly agricultural and industrial activity. Pinios, together with its tributaries, is the only water recipient for Thessaly. Discover the uniqueness and beauties of Larissa by exploring the historical and archaeological monuments as well as other cultural centers. In the city there are many important monuments of the ancient, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. The squares, the parks, the lungs of green and the intense urban reconstruction activity, in recent years have given Larissa the image of a modern European city.


Volos is a modern city with a special charm and its own special color, which is largely characterized by its position between the sea of ​​the Pagasetic Gulf and the imposing Pelion. It combines all the charm of the sea with the mystical beauty of the mountain of the Centaurs. The city is associated with the famous campaign of the Argonauts, one of the most important epics of Greek mythology.

The tsipouradiko of the neighborhood or the beach was established as the main meeting place of the Voliotians, but their fame quickly spread throughout Greece, but also abroad with tourists who know how to taste the fine mezes together with the local drink.


Thrace is a historical and geographical region in northeastern Greece. The rich history of the place consists of the archaeological sites and folklore museums, the monuments of the Byzantine, medieval and Ottoman periods. It is an area with a rich cultural heritage, the result of the coexistence of Christian and Muslim traditions. It is an ideal destination for excursions close to nature as it is characterized by landscapes of wild natural beauty and areas of special natural beauty.


Alexandroupolis is the city that reflects every moment of its history in every street and every building. With a significant urban development, but also with the deep tradition of its first seafaring inhabitants, the city was transformed from a fishing village into a modern city and continues to develop significantly to this day. It is an ideal destination for family holidays. There are historical holy temples of particular importance for the Orthodox Christian faith as well as temples of other religions.

The folklore events that enliven each season give the visitor the pleasure of having fun with the rich traditional music, tasting the local cuisine, and living the experience of Thracian hospitality.


Xanthi has a rich history, traditions and customs and is the commercial and spiritual center of the region. It is a modern city that is a magnet for everyday life. It has a special vibrancy and color: youth hangouts, cinemas, bars, squares, parks, entertainment centers with wonderful aesthetics, pastry shops with sweets which are known all over Greece and Europe with special tastes.

Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are a cluster of seven main islands and several smaller ones located in the Ionian Sea along the western coast of Greece. These islands did not know the Turkish conquest but were conquered by the English, Venetians and French who contributed to the development of the cultural and educational level, the arts and letters in the region. The lush vegetation, wonderful pebbly or sandy beaches, countless natural attractions and great cultural tradition are a magnet for Greek and foreign tourists all year round.


Corfu is an island with a rich history and rare natural beauty. The city of Corfu is characterized by the strong Venetian element, but also by many English and French influences. It is a cosmopolitan city that exudes a sense of nobility. It is one of the most famous destinations in Greece and is famous for its beautiful beaches, green landscape, special customs and delicious traditional recipes. The island is also known for its Venetian carnival, but also for its Easter with the characteristic breaking of clay jugs that the locals throw from their balconies!


Kefalonia with its rich cultural tradition, with its great heritage in arts and letters, with its infinite beauty, with its pristine nature is today one of the top tourist destinations of the Mediterranean. Each landscape and each attraction tells a unique story of tradition and culture in a place endowed with an extraordinary heritage.

Traditional Kefalonian products are world famous for their taste, quality and uniqueness and they are truly delicious!

Buy mantolas, wines, feta cheese, honey and other local products before you leave the island.


The Dodecanese consist of a group of islands and islets between Samos, Crete and the Asia Minor coast. The rich vegetation, the wonderful lacy coasts with the amazing turquoise waters, the ancestral customs, the fine cuisine, and the distinct culture of the inhabitants on each island have won the interest of visitors in recent decades. The Dodecanese are ideal destinations for both cosmopolitan and quiet holidays in all seasons.


Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese and is a popular holiday destination for Greeks and tourists. It is an island with a history of 5000 years. It was a center of economic and cultural prosperity for many centuries and was a crossroads of peoples and cultures that is reflected in the art, language and architecture of the island. Medieval castles, neoclassical buildings, buildings with Italian architecture combine beautifully with modern buildings and cosmopolitan hotels.

Rhodes is a blessed place with a rich underwater environment, flowing crystal clear waters, landscapes of outstanding natural beauty, NATURA 2000 protected areas, multi-awarded blue flag beaches and favorable climatic conditions.


Kos is the second island of the Dodecanese and is located opposite the coast of Asia Minor. It has many historical monuments, Byzantine churches, Ottoman mosques, imposing medieval castles and buildings of Roman architecture that reflect the island's rich history dating back to around 3000 BC.

Kos was the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine and initiator of the Hippocratic Oath.

Today Kos is a modern tourist island with many possibilities in terms of accommodation, rich traditional cuisine, outdoor activities for all tastes, intense or relaxed entertainment that will make the holidays truly unforgettable.


The Cyclades are an island complex in the central and southern Aegean. The most popular islands of our country belong to the Cyclades, as their geographical position combined with their unique natural landscape are among the first preferences of tourists worldwide. For those who wish to enjoy a calm and relaxing holiday or for those who love the cosmopolitan islands, the Cyclades can offer it.

The picturesque chapels, the unique landscapes, the romantic sunsets, the beautiful beaches, and the warm hospitality of the locals combine wonderfully with the archaeological monuments, the historical, geological, ecological and religious attractions.


Paros is one of the most popular islands in Greece thanks to its beautiful beaches and the multitude of activities and attractions it offers to the visitor. The places worth visiting on the island are: Parikia, the commercial center of entertainment and shopping, Panagia Ekatontapiliani, the most important church of the early Christian era in Greece dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, and Naoussa, the small settlement of Known for its small Venetian harbor with its fishing boats and taverns.


Santorini is located in the Cyclades and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. It is world famous for its incomparable natural beauty, the enchanting sunset, the volcano with its impressive caldera, the cosmopolitan life in the bars and restaurants and its unique view of the Aegean.

Santorini has beautiful beaches with unique colors due to the island's volcano. Volcanic black and red stone dominates the island and many of the island's beaches.

In Santorini, local products of excellent quality are produced, such as excellent wine, white eggplants, tomatoes, fava beans and capers.

Central Greece

Central Greece is located in the southern part of the continental body of the country and is rich in natural beauties and with a glorious historical past. The green nature, the picturesque traditional villages, the remarkable ancient monuments, the wonderful beaches, the idyllic natural landscapes, and the great historical and cultural tradition will fascinate every Greek and foreign tourist. Rich in natural beauty and with a glorious historical past and wealth, Central Greece is a blessed place that will captivate you and give unforgettable experiences to every visitor.


Agrinio is the largest city of Aitoloakarnania and an important economic, cultural and spiritual center. The history of the city of Agrinio is inextricably linked to tobacco. The tobacco warehouse buildings are places that have a clear historical, architectural and cultural value for the city.

It has various attractions, the Archaeological and the Folklore museum where you can learn more about the way of life and the history of the area. Parks, large pedestrian streets, small squares and picturesque cafes give the city another lease of life.


Thiva is located near Athens and is considered one of the most important cities in the world and according to the British newspaper "Telegraph" one of the 20 oldest cities in the world.

A city that has modern infrastructure and combines the natural environment, mountain and sea, with archaeological sites, attractions and religious monuments becomes a pole of attraction for someone to visit. Ideal destination for a one-day trip, carefree family holidays, to enjoy various sports or to get to know traditional local products.

Aegean islands

The Eastern Aegean island complex occupies the Eastern part of the archipelago and includes some of the largest islands of Greece. The archaeological wealth of the area, the historical monuments, the castles and the Byzantine churches impress the visitors. Each island has unique attractions to offer, and each visitor will discover picturesque villages, beautiful chapels, neoclassical houses, hot springs and beautiful beaches.


Samos is one of the most beautiful islands of the Eastern Aegean. The quiet and organized beaches with crystal clear waters, the imposing mountains, the pine forests, valleys full of vineyards and olive groves, the rich nature, the picturesque villages in the mountains or by the sea, the important archaeological sites and its museums are some of the reasons for the which are worth visiting in Samos.

Samos is world famous for its sweet wine, Moschato. You can also buy extra virgin olive oil, thyme honey and enjoy local raki (suma) or ouzo.


Lesvos is located in the Northeast Aegean and is the third largest island in Greece. In Lesvos you will admire the picturesque cobbled streets and the buildings of exceptional architecture, such as the tower houses of the lords, Turkish houses, country villas, the most and the most beautiful cafes in Greece, public buildings, impressive churches, schools of monumental architecture, simple rural houses and industrial buildings.

Traditional products worth trying and buying from the island. First of all the well-known favorite ouzo. The olive oil of Lesbos is a true gift of nature. Lesvos is famous for its cheese, feta and kaseri. The Kalloni sardine is famous all over the world, whether fresh or salted. It has a long tradition in ceramics, pottery and crafts, the wood of the olive, chestnut and walnut, is transformed in the hands of the experienced craftsmen of Lesvos, into wonderful furniture or hagiographies.