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Olive tree, the symbol of peace

Olive tree, the symbol of peace

Olive tree is the symbol of peace, victory and immortality. It becomes a fashionable tree that starring in gardens and balconies.

Everyone likes them as it gives peace and tranquility to any scenery. They're evergreen, they have beautiful and compact foliage, green leaves, and as they are silvery in color, they really reflect the light.


The olive tree is one of the most beloved, sacred trees and its place is rooted in Ancient Greek tradition and mythology.   According to the ancient Greeks the first olive tree was planted by Goddess Athena. The olive tree is also called the "Tree of Health" and can live for more than 1000 years. The sure thing, however is olive tree originates from the eastern Mediterranean.

Olive trees require little in terms of nutrition, as they have evolved over the centuries for poor, stony soils. Although they appreciate an annual fertilizer coating to keep them healthy! They are incredibly drought tolerant, and if allowed to grow naturally, may reach a height of 2 meters in 15 years. It will take at least four years for young plants to bear fruit.

Caring for the olive tree

Having an olive tree in your home, balcony or garden is like you taking good care of a treasure! In the last few years, floriculture and horticulture have developed techniques that bring the olive ... to our measure, both in shape and size. Now an olive tree can be placed everywhere, at the entrance of your business or an apartment and a yard.

Generally, olives do not need special care while impressing with their resilience. The general directive is that they need a constant temperature and direct sunlight. Olive trees are tolerant plants that love the sun.

Proper care depends on whether you plant your olive tree in the garden or in a pot.

With regard to the ideal weather conditions, olive trees need a mild climate with warm nights and plenty of sun. An average recommended maintenance temperature is 18 ° C.

Want to learn how to cultivate the olive tree at your home?

• Plant or transplant an olive tree into a large pot and let it grow by pruning it often.

• The size of the pot is very important. It must be at least as large as the perimeter of the plant so that the roots can have enough space to grow.

• If you live in cold areas, make sure your pot is located at a point where it is always protected from frost.

• In the summer you can place your olive under the sun.

Watering olive tree

The olive tree, even in the summer, does not need to water frequently. Most of the time the rain water is enough, as the roots of the tree reach very deep and find water. But if you notice the leaves fall, then most water is probably needed, especially in the summertime. Avoid, however, the excessive watering because its roots can begin to rot.


Olive trees can tolerate most soil types but the native one, is the ideal. Make sure soil is not heavy but sandy and clayey, as in nature. What you should watch out for is to have a good drainage, not too alkaline, and use a good amount of calcium and potassium.


Olive trees do not need special fertilizer but results will be more satisfactory with a good nutrition regimen. Use a premium slow-release fertilizer with essential minor elements such as zinc, boron, calcium, etc. Nitrogen helps the tree to maintain its bright green color on its leaves while potassium helps in body's defense. Perfectly the fertilizer process is to be repeated twice a year: in the autumn and early spring. Potted plants need more frequent fertilizers.


Olives grow very slowly, so don’t require much pruning. However, pinching out young plants can help to encourage them to develop a branching shape. If needed, in late spring or early summer, remove dead, diseased or dying branches. At the same time, thin out branches to allow light into the centre of the tree and remove any branches that spoil the shape. Avoid pruning too hard as this will result in the over-production of non-fruiting water shoots.

Benefits of olives and olive oil

The color of olives depends on the degree of their ripeness, changing their color from yellowish and green to purple and black as they ripen.  Used in cuisine across the world, olives are popular for appetizers, sauces and in various salads and main dishes.

Lutein that destroys free radicals, protects cells from premature ageing and strengthens retina and improves eye sight.

Polyphenols protecting from cholesterol deposits in blood vessels, reduce the risk of heart and blood vessels disorders and stop cancer cells from growing.

Beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A) preventing the risk of many forms of cancer, protects smokers from lung tumors, smoothes out wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin and strengthens teeth and bones.

Olive oil is one of the 5 foods you should include in your diet at least once a week. Well known for being rich in antioxidants, olive oil has been proven to reduce the risk for many serious diseases. Extra virgin olive oil contains a high level of vitamin E and phenols. All 3 of these health benefits are recommended for optimum heart health while the oleic acid helps prevent colon cancer. For those who worry about cholesterol, choosing olive oil over other oils lowers the bad cholesterol while raising the good.

Pests and diseases

Keeping olive trees well-fed and adequately watered is the best initial defense against pests and diseases, since firm trees are more able to withstand attack and less likely to suffer long-term damage.

Treatment of pests and diseases are always more successful when done in the earliest stage of development.

To keep olives free of diseases prune to keep the crown open.

The olive tree as a bonsai

The olive tree can also be cultivated even as a bonsai. Bonsai-like small olives trees are excellent for a house or a workplace.

The olive tree as a gift

The elegant silver tinged foliage is evergreen making it an ideal gift to send at any point in the year. In many cultures, olive branches are given as an offering peace, a nice sentiment that can be given for different occasions, ideal for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

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