Flowers and zodiac signs

Which flowers match each star sign?

From the old years, astrologers and healers have linked the flower and plant world to the planets and zodiac signs. Even Hippocrates paid attention to when someone was born, to combine his treatment with the appropriate herbs. Plants, like living creatures, have their own energy that can harmonize with ours more or less. These links are not random. Some flowers and plants bloom when the sun is in their respective sign. In other cases the plants have certain properties that associate them with the corresponding signs. 

Based on this little guide you can see which plants and flowers suit you best, surround yourself with those that harmonize with your astrological energy, and have them at home, on your balcony or in your garden. You may also want to find the way to the heart of your loved one with the right flower.

Find out what are the best flowers, which harmonize with your own astrological energy, but also what you can offer to the people you are interested in, depending on their zodiac sign.

ARIES: 21 March – 19 April

Flower: Poppy

Plant: Zebra plant

Let us look at the characteristics of Aries, who as a personality, stands out from the rest of the zodiac signs, for his need for independence. Dynamism and spontaneity are the main characteristics of the person who belongs to the sign of Aries. With Mars as the ruler of his planet, Aries is warlike, resilient and combative! It is a sign that is honest and enthusiastic, with leadership skills but also sometimes childish behaviours. They like to stand out, which makes them quite competitive in their daily life. This eternal teenager lives with intensity, is careless and impulsive, can not stand stagnation, is very nervous and finds a special charm in quarrels and fights. 

Send red flowers for an Aries

As a sign of Fire and ruled by Mars often hate romance and sweet and sour expressions of love. However, they too can be fascinated by the view and the beauty of the flowers. Red poppies are their favourite flowers.

In Aries enthusiasm and zeal the matching flowers are the ones that have the colour of passion like a red bouquet of tulip, amaryllis and more wildflowers in red shades match the racing spirit of Aries.

TAURUS: 20 April – 20 May

Flower: Lily of the Valley 

Plant: Leaf Philodendron

Patience, reliability and stability are three of the key characteristics of Taurus! You will distinguish him by his calm, relaxed tones, by his slow gait, but also by his inexhaustible persistence and stubbornness to never put it down. With Aphrodite as the ruler of the planet of his zodiac sign, Taurus is a person with artistic talents, loves elegance, comfort and beauty and classifies love in the most important areas of his life! Especially important for a Taurus, is to be able to have financial comfort, so that he feels safe, secure and stable for his future! 

No one can question the kind-hearted, romantic and sensual side of the sign. Their well-founded practical existence, hosts their sensibilities as well as their love for beautiful things, the understanding of harmonious colours and the deep appreciation for nature.

Favourite Taurus flowers delivery

They appreciate the offer of any flower, especially if it is one of their favourites. The beautiful lilies of valleys or lilies symbolize purity and virtue. Their cool fragrant aroma fills and satisfies the demanding senses of Taurus.

More flowers for a Taurus are violets, daisies, foxglove, primula, mallow, berries, sundew, cypress, vine, apple, crab apple, pear, fig, citrus, palms.

GEMINI: 21 May – 20 June

Flower: Rose

Plant: English Ivy

Gemini is an intelligent person, a collector of knowledge and experience who wants to know all the rules, but not always follow them. With Mercury as the ruler of the planet of the zodiac sign, Gemini is communicative and social, hates loneliness and seeks to be surrounded by people. They are characterized by mood swings, adaptability, but also instability in views and positions, which makes them unreliable and “the bad child” of the zodiac. He is pleasant, nice, and talkative with admirable argumentation. It usually looks small and has a lively look. He easily adapts to all ages, but chooses to always be with people younger than him! 

The main characteristics of Gemini in short are that he is social, and always willing to have fun, with a tendency to suddenly become serious, cautious or anxious. He has a permanent feeling that there is not enough time to experience what he wants to live in his life and he tries to catch it all here and now. 

Surprise a Gemini

Surprise a Gemini with a bouquet of roses, a flower that symbolizes the essence of the sign: love and companionship. With the ability to convey a wide range of messages and emotions depending on their colour, roses are a perfect match for the multidimensional aspects of this sign from friendship to passion and from calm refinement to a bright burst of fun.

More flowers perfect for a Gemini are: Lavender, buttercups, delphinium, anemones and irises.

CANCER: 21 June – 22 July

Flower: White Rose

Plant: Lucky Bamboo

The basic characteristics of Cancer are that it is guided by its emotions and heart, and therefore it is difficult to adapt to the harsh reality of life. With the Moon as the ruler, the phases of the lunar cycle magnify the influence of their emotions in everyday life and this is something they can not control. As children, they do not have enough coping and defence mechanisms for the outside world and should be approached with love, attention and understanding by those close to them, something they reciprocate when they grow up with their generosity.

Quite often this sign looks for reasons to suffer, and worry, while it tends to be misunderstood very easily and to take situations very personally, resulting in hurt. The life goals of a Cancer are the creation of solid bases and the areas that are absorbed and given all its attention are the career and the family! The sign of Cancer represents the soul, the feeling, the love, the homeland and the family, with the result that those who belong to this sign, have as a driving force of their life, the above meanings. 

White flowers for a Cancer

The white roses have a place in Cancer’s hearts, as long as you always remember that whatever flower you offer them, you must do it with your heart, because for them the act counts above all.

Other flowers associated with Cancer are the jasmine polyanthus, which is a climbing plant with a white flower, honeysuckle, morning glory, geranium, lotus, magnolia, and white flowers

LEO: 23 July – 22 August

Flower: Sunflower

Plant: Amaryllis

Leo has a bright and extremely dynamic personality! They are born leaders and without trying too hard, they manage to turn all eyes on them, always gaining either great likes or great dislikes. The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun, which makes the person belonging to this sign to be optimistic, bright, creative, and full of thirst for life and generosity to all! 

Intense stubbornness and selfishness are two of the main characteristics that make a Leo become much disliked or even tedious! Fun, luxury, children, art, creation and love are the main factors in the life of a Leo, where they give him joy! A Lion sets high goals and has a great vision for his life but he always takes care of the joy of the people next to him! 

Leo is usually surrounded by many friends, who are generous and loyal to him. With confidence, charm and leadership skills, it is a sign capable of uniting different groups of people and leading them to a common goal. In general, there is a certain power in a Leo that goes hand in hand with the image of the "king of the jungle". They have a great sense of humour that makes it even easier for them to work with other people.

Bright flowers for a Leo

A bouquet of sunflowers will increase their excitement, due to their characteristic brilliant appearance. The sunflower follows the sun, symbolizes the sun itself, the metaphor of warmth and happiness, worship and longevity, elements that Leo incorporates.

More flowers that match the generous personality of this fire sign are: gladiola, large chrysanthemums, marigold, narcissus and dahlias. 

VIRGO: 23 August – 22 September

Flower: Chrysanthemum

Plant: Banana Plant

Virgo has the characteristic that he always pays attention to the smallest detail and the deep sense of humanity that has classifies him among the most attentive representatives of the zodiac. And while people born in this sign are often mediocre and shy, beneath their simple and humble appearance, there is a wise and witty side as well, with a strong and deep understanding of the people around them. 

Virgo people are grounded but romantic, lonely but communicative, whimsical but helpful, narrow-minded but very smart. They are not interested in living in the spotlight, on the contrary they avoid it, but they have a hidden power and a sharp mind that make them necessary to anyone in their life. 

The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury, a fact that makes them have structured thinking, innovative ideas but also a thirst for knowledge. They like to offer help and serve for free. No, they are not considered generous or sensitive; they just believe that this is their mission in this world. Hardworking, down to earth, prudent and thrifty, they handle perfectly whatever task is assigned to them. 

Buy fresh seasonal flowers for a Virgo

Surprise this otherwise practical, mental and serious earth sign with a flower arrangement that evokes their most carefree side. Chrysanthemums mainly symbolize satisfaction, devotion and care. 

Daisies, gerberas, asters, lavender, cherry and chamomile will stimulate the imagination of a Virgo. 

LIBRA: 23 September – 22 October

Flower: Orchid

Plant: String of Pearls

Libra is a sweet, gentle person who wins you over directly with their warm smile. They are pleasant and balanced with a good conversation to always say, but without necessarily being honest. Due to the ruler of the planet of their zodiac sign, Aphrodite, they live for love, always seek the perfect relationship and love the arts, beauty and are artistic in nature. But they are indecisive, responsible and insecure and often disappoint others with their behaviour. They are very smart but mostly use their mind with a strategy for their own benefit. It can very easily play on a double board but it is difficult to discover. Their tender and diplomatic behaviour enslaves and deceives. 

They are very stressed when the events do not flow harmoniously, smoothly and fairly. 

Elegant Libra flowers Delivery

Libra’s favourite flower is the orchid which represents rare and feminine beauty. It radiates elegance and matches their calm, serene and delicate nature. 

The people who belong to Libra sign prefer pink flowers, hydrangeas, calendula, gardenia and pink roses.

SCORPIO: 23 October – 21 November

Flower: Peony

Plant: Snake Plant

Scorpios have the characteristic of being passionate and strong characters. They are determined, they never leave what they undertake in the middle and they like to explore until they find the truth. Scorpios are great leaders, who always know what is happening around them and have a great talent in inventing solutions to difficult situations. Scorpios are generally very kind and compassionate by nature, with a strong sixth sense but tend to think with their mind rather than their heart. They make new friends quite easily and are very honest.

They never forget someone's betrayal, as a result of which they often take revenge in the worst way, while they forget that someone has offered them good, if at some point they disappoint them. They love deeply and more truly than anyone, which makes them possessive and jealous. It is the absolutely erotic sign, with enviable performances, a lot of passion and sensuality. The ruling planet of Scorpio is Pluto, which means that this sign has the power to always be born through its ashes!

Gorgeous flowers for a passionate Scorpio

Since Scorpios are motivated by strong passion, the flowers that suit them are the ones that reflect the intensity of the emotions. They prefer the gorgeous red peonies which due to their shape and colour combine the sensual with strength as well as the fact that peonies are related and symbolize good luck and prosperity.

Red velvety, crimson roses, hibiscus, geraniums, chrysanthemums and passion flowers are some of the favourite flowers of Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS: 22 November – 21 December

Flower: Carnation

Plant: Alocasia

The Centaur, who is the mythological symbol of Sagittarius and who is half human and half horse, represents the powerful combination of the mind with physical strength. Sagittarians are literally thirsty for exploration; fresh thinking and they are ambitious and optimistic people that they do not easily lose hope. 

With great curiosity and energy, Sagittarius is one of the greatest travellers in the zodiac. Their open-mindedness and philosophical vision motivate them to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life. Sagittarians are extroverted, optimistic, and enthusiastic and like change. They have the ability to turn their thoughts into concrete actions and will do anything to achieve their goals.

They may also be preoccupied with matters of unwritten laws, religion, and philosophy. Sagittarius is considered the eternally lively but also careless child of the zodiac. With Jupiter as the Ruler Planet, the sign of Sagittarius has a philosophical spirit and a desire for knowledge and expansion!

Order radiant, exotic for a Sagittarius

Their personality is multidimensional and a flower that they will like and put them in a pleasant thought process is the equally multidimensional carnation. Associated with a myriad of symbols - love, charm, discernment, and luck (white) - carnations fully represent nature, the thirst for adventure, the intellect and the good fortune of this passionate and resilient sign of fire.

Also give them primroses that symbolize youth and radiance, exotic flowers, their bright colours reflect the bright character of Sagittarius and their ability to overcome them all with laughter and optimism and crocus.

CAPRICORN: 22 December – 19 January

Flower: Pansy

Plant: Jade Plant

Capricorn is the sign that represents time and responsibility, and its representatives are traditional and often very serious by nature. Under the command of Saturn, Capricorn all their life works reverently and tirelessly, to reach the top, in all areas. They keep their distance from others, as they are not filled with rich social life, so that sometimes they are considered snobby and cold. They want professional success, financial security and the creation of the perfect family. For their children they can work very hard so that they do not miss anything. They are wise and calm and rarely have nervous outbursts, as their reaction is usually caustic, harsh and ironic. They do not easily express emotions but they develop them anyway, after they are first approved by their mind. On the contrary, in terms of family, they have the deepest and truest feelings of any other sign. Capricorn perfectly understands reality and can better than anyone face any difficulty.

Beautiful flowers for a Capricorn

The ability of the pansy flower to bloom in the darkest months of the year when everything else is frozen makes it a precious flower for Capricorn who values self-discipline and patience.

Evergreen camellia with elegant large flowers, ivy, poinsettia and amaranths are always a good alternative.

AQUARIUS: 20 January – 18 February

Flower: Bird of paradise

Plant: Zamia (ZZ) Plant

Unconventional, anti-conformist and revolutionary is the personality of Aquarius. With Uranus as the ruler of the planet of their zodiac sign, Aquarius is an unpredictable person, who is very smart and in fact his mind is much ahead of the other signs, as a result of which he perfectly understands what is happening or what will happen. They absorb knowledge like a sponge, think and preoccupy their thinking with everything, but they are quite sceptical and reactive to what they hear. One thing is for sure, Aquarius' ideas and thoughts will be a reality in the world after 100 years. 

They are humanist and altruist and really care about the common good. It gives a lot of basis to friendship and suits everyone because it fully respects the uniqueness and individuality of the other. They don't like traditions, boundaries and shackles, neither for themselves nor for others. They are very popular and have many friends, but their habit of being in everything disappoints those around them, since there is not enough time for them. Also, their nervous and spasmodic reactions are stressful and often incomprehensible.

Aquarius is usually low-key and calm, but on the other hand can be eccentric and active. In both cases, however, they are deeply thoughtful and spiritually-minded people who like to help others. They are able to see things without prejudice, and can easily solve problems of their own or others.

Aquarius and unique flowers

The majority of Aquarius prefers flowers that are definitely not ordinary and predictable. They appreciate anything eccentric and original like a bouquet of bird of paradise flowers which due to the indisputable resemblance to the bright colours of the famous bird - is an impressive flower that goes hand in hand with the whimsical, fun and completely eccentric side of their character.

Heart shaped anthuriums will impress an Aquarius, also exotic orchids and gorgeous gladiolus.

PISCES: 19 February – 20 March

Flower: Water lily

Plant: Jasmine

People born in the sign of Pisces have an intuitive understanding of the life cycle and therefore achieve a better emotional relationship with their fellow human beings. Pisces are selfless, always willing to help others, without hoping to get anything back. Extremely friendly, they often meet quite a lot of different people.

Pisces are famous for their kindness and sensitivity and have more understanding than other signs. It is a sign of Water with an open heart, a generous spirit and compassion, so it is not surprising that they are popular with all people. Convenient and affectionate, they move with emotion despite their rational ability and are governed by instinct.

Daydreaming is an important feature of Pisces and they are often irritated by their tendency to "live in their world". Their intense imagination and their need for love, make them lie a lot and present a completely different image from what they really are. It is the only sign that can in an instant escape from the harsh everyday life and be transported to its own imaginary ideal world.

Send fresh flowers to Pisces

Suitable flowers for Pisces are the flowers that bloom at night under the light of the Moon. Water lilies and lotus flowers are closer to their tastes. 

Also, narcissus, irises and geranium will delight them.

Study the birthday flowers and the characteristics of the zodiac and be sure that you will find the perfect flower that will impress your loved ones. Now that you know which flowers correspond to each sign, it is easy to choose the perfect gift for your favourite recipient who will celebrate his birthday.

Your zodiac sign may not describe your destiny but it can help you find the perfect flower gift to someone special on their birthday. So the next time the discussion goes to what exactly it would be best to send whether it is a bunch of bold red tulips or a bouquet of fragrant lilies, look at the stars for a little inspiration.

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