Father’s day gifts

Father's Day was introduced to the modern world in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd. Sonora, learning from her parish church about Mother's Day, being raised by her father, felt the need to recognize his own role. 

Although most fathers do not expect anything, Father's Day is a prime opportunity to send a beautiful gift to show your father that you thought of him. Your move will show in part the gratitude and love you have for your father.

Note that Father's Day is a real celebration for every paternal figure. Father's Day is addressed to the father, the grandfather, or even the teacher or mentor who stood by us as paternal figures throughout our lives, giving us advice and supporting us in the difficult times but also the easy. Our father is one of the key people for our existence but also for the formation of our personality. The positive paternal figure is extremely important for our development. 

For this reason, we decided to help and inspire you to choose the right gift for Father's Day. Look at our gift suggestions to buy a unique and elegant gift that not only your recipient will love, but also use with joy.

To find the perfect gift for your father you must think first of all what your dad really likes and needs, after what is his style and finally how much money do you plan to spend! 

There are some “classic” Father's Day gifts that have been a popular choice for many, many years - surely the cup of coffee with the famous phrase 'The World's Best Dad' or the photo of you comes to mind!

Whether it is a tie, shaving set or beard care set, they belong to the classic gift ideas that will almost certainly 'lift' your father's mood. On the other hand, if you are looking for something special, give a stylish leather bag or a stylish card wallet.

There is also a category of dads who love gadgets and games! You can choose new games coming out for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or game consoles, accessories, merchandise, tabletop games, and more. Check out the best tech gifts for men, including new wireless headphones, smart watches, and smart home devices and delight them.

For the dad who loves parties and having fun at home with friends, then a box or basket with his favorite drink like beer, scotch, tequila, whiskey, or a classic bottle of wine is perfect for sending as a gift straight through his door. Along with the alcohol drink you can add unique drinking gifts perfect for Father's Day, such as personalized glasses, novelty beer buckets, vintage bottle openers, beer socks and gin or gourmet basket arrangements. 

If your father loves staying in house spending time with family or friends then a board game like chess, table football, roulette and billiards is a lovely gift idea. Undoubtedly board games are a great gift choice for Father's Day!

For the dad who is interested in his appearance and takes care of himself, a men's gift set will impress him. There are various online websites that also offer various types of grooming kits that can be a good gift idea too. These types of grooming kits consist of shaving cream, deodorants, bathrobes, aftershave lotions, face washes, perfumes and so much more. On the other side, an impressive watch or a beautiful and useful pocket wallet can complete a look by adding finesse and style. 

If your dad is a passionate football or basketball fan there is no better gift than a t-shirt or beer glass of his favorite team to watch the match as a true fan or to buy for him season tickets for his favorite team.

If your dad is the handyman type that is ready to fix things, then you can choose gifts that are useful and handy. Surprise him with a pocket knife/multi-tool that is compact enough to fit anywhere and is perfect to get things done on the go.

If your dad is the type who loves fishing, hunting, hiking or camping you will find plenty of beautiful gifts perfect for the father who likes outdoor activities. For example, a personalized cooler chair or a cooler backpack to keep his favorite beverages cool. 

For the BBQ loving type find unique and useful grilling gifts for Dad, like a personalized grilling apron and grill tool set or a beautiful custom cutting board engraved just for him. A beautiful way to celebrate Father’s Day is to give him a charming gift basket including grilling tools, accessories, delicious spices and sauces and other grilling must-haves. 

For the athletic type of dad, you can give him a few personal training lessons or a health and fitness smart watch to wear while he exercises on the treadmill or go for a run and show his workout summaries. Also, your father will appreciate quality gym clothing or best-in-class training gear.

Does your father watch his car like his eyes? Help him keep his car always clean with a vacuum cleaner or pay for a cleaning company that deals exclusively with the take care of, repair and give back the "exhibition" shine, both inside and outside the car. A gift that will surely be appreciated by a car enthusiast! Metal miniatures are also an all-time classic gift for those who love cars.

Nothing will make him happier that day - or any other day - than having a drink or dinner together, taking a walk, playing a game or watching his favorite movie. Spending some time together is the best gift!

For the plant and flower lover. Fill his special day with beauty and freshness by sending a gorgeous bouquet of his favorite flowers. Elegant tulips, fresh chrysanthemums or beautiful roses will help to put a lovely smile on his face. 

On the other hand, plants are the beautiful gifts of nature. Taking care of plants, nurturing them, and seeing them grow is a fulfilling experience. Convey your heartfelt emotions for your dad with a lovely indoor plant or a stunning plant arrangement for his office. A green or flowering plant will add positive energy and will create a warm atmosphere around him.

Whoever is your father, it is certain that we can help you make this day very special for a special person in your life! Visit anthemionflowers to get even more beautiful and practical gift ideas for Father's Day! Find on our e-shop the right kind of gift for your father on Father Day and surprise him. Just place your order and we would get that delivered to your special recipient wherever he is.