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Finland is one of the most beautiful countries in Northern Europe worth visiting. It is a country rich in lakes and forests which has wonderful and picturesque landscapes and is the land of the Lapps and the village of Santa Claus. From cosmopolitan Helsinki to the forests of the Karelia region and from the Thousand Lakes region of the North to Rovaniemi, to the house of Santa Claus, Finland is a country with many facets. Although socially and economically it is one of the most advanced countries, there are parts of it that remain distant and unspoiled.


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    Flower Delivery to Helsinki, Finland


    Helsinki is the capital of Finland. In southern Finland, the city full of parks and lakes looks like a miniature. It is built on a narrow tongue of land, which invades the waters of the Baltic with many small peninsulas. Peripherally small islands naturally protect the port - so much so that you would think it was a lake and not a sea! 

    The country's capital, Helsinki, is a cultural and industrial centre and the most important port in the Gulf of Finland.


    Apart from being a beautiful city, Helsinki is also full of attractions. 


    The Seurasaari Open Air Museum and Park is a fantastic place that shows how well the Scandinavians make use of the beauties and history of their country. This museum allows visitors to get an idea of the traditional way of life in the Finnish countryside and consists of a collection of traditional farm buildings, farm churches and old houses, all exact copies from the provinces of Finland. 


    Suomenlinna Castle is built on four different islands off the coast of Helsinki which are connected by bridges. The castle is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is very impressive and huge in size to the point that many people compare it to that of Gibraltar. Inside the castle there are museums, restaurants, parks and cafes and is the most important attraction of the city. 


    Senate Square with many shops and restaurants. In the square there are many impressive buildings such as the Cathedral, the building of the seat of the Government of Finland and the University buildings. 


    Market Square is probably the most central point of the city located between the sea and a series of impressive buildings such as the "Presidential Palace", the Embassy of Sweden and the City Hall. Many people gather during the change of guard at the Presidential Palace.


    Send flowers to Rovaniemi


    Rovaniemi is the capital of Finnish Lapland, located just a few miles south of the Arctic Circle. The cold and remote location of this city, however, does not affect the warmth and culture of its people. It is a great place to see the northern lights at night, learn about exploring the Arctic at Arktikum and watch the midnight sun during the summer. 

    Rovaniemi and the village of Santa Claus are among the most popular tourist destinations during Christmas. It is the ideal place to visit with your children or if you feel like a child yourself.


    Fast flower delivery to Espoo 


    Espoo is the second largest city in Finland and is located close to the south of the country. Espoo offers a great deal of culture with its monuments, museums, shops and restaurants, but manages to stay very close to nature. It is conveniently located in Nuuksio National Park, a huge natural area with picturesque forests and lakes, while it is just a few miles off the coast of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea.


    Same day flower delivery to Tampere


    Tampere, in southern Finland, is located between two large lakes and is one of the most densely populated cities in Finland. Visitors to Tampere can see the grotesque art inside the Tampere Cathedral, built in 1902, or learn about the Kaleva Church, which is shaped like a fish when viewed from above. Fantastic views of the surrounding lake area can be seen near one of the nearby parks, beaches or forests in the area or from the top of the Pyynikki observation tower, which has a cafe at the top which is famous for its delicious donuts.


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