Artificial Plants for decoration

Do you want to decorate your home or business with flowers and plants, but don't have time to give them the care they need? Artificial plants and flowers are a good choice for both home and office.

Indoor plants have entered our lives for good in recent years. Beyond a decorative trend, it is also a way to revitalize the atmosphere of the house, to give life to places that need it and to change your mood thanks to the colors generously offered by plants and flowers.

Give a "green" touch to your space with artificial plants that look like real ones. You can use them as the main source of greenery, or place them in addition to real plants.

Moreover, artificial plants are equally a good choice for office spaces or business spaces. Decorate the office vases with fake plants and colorful artificial flowers, the space will look much friendlier and refreshed with plants that you don't need to keep fresh.

Artificial plants and flowers are still useful as they can be placed in places you wouldn't put real plants. An empty corner or a dark spot are not ideal places to place real plants due to lack of light. In addition, wall shelves or your desk are also places where artificial plants and flowers would be better suited, due to space or weight.

Benefits of artificial plants

Fake plants like real ones are the smartest way to decorate your home, office and balcony. Research has shown that even artificial plants can improve the mood and mental health of people who use these spaces. This alone proves that you can create the ideal atmosphere in your home, office and balcony to improve your psychology, using artificial plants.

When it comes to taking care of natural plants, it is a task that can be time consuming. If you lead a busy lifestyle or suffer from plant-related allergies or perhaps lack the enthusiasm for gardening, artificial plants are the perfect solution for you.

Faux flowers and plants are the perfect alternative, offering the aesthetic benefits of live plants, without the hassle of any maintenance. 

If you want to add some greenery to your decor, but don't have the necessary time to water and care for the plants in your home, then artificial plants are a great solution. Plants can give your interior a vibrant and fresh new look and now they look just like the real thing! 

You can move your artificial plants to another location without worrying if this will disturb their flowering and health. Many times when we attempt to move a pot, the native plant is affected by the change in sunlight and its new environment. This problem does not exist if you have chosen to decorate your place with artificial flowers and plants.

Many times natural plants can harm a pet or a bird that visits our balcony. Some aromatic and herbaceous plants are toxic to the digestive system of these animals and most of the time we find out when the animal has already been affected by our plant. We recommend artificial plants, so you can be sure that your pets are not at risk of poisoning from a natural plant in your pots. With artificial plants, you don't have to worry about such incidents, whether your pet is curious about the new pot you installed or not.

Fake indoor plants will not be damaged by intense heat, nor will they freeze from freezing temperatures in winter. They are completely durable and allow you to enjoy your winter-summer holidays comfortably, without worrying about leaving the pot on the balcony. You'll also never again have to look for a neighbor to water your pots or build makeshift irrigation systems if no neighbor is willing to serve you.

Another key advantage of artificial plants, especially in the summer season, is that they do not attract insects. Insects and their larvae often find shelter under plant leaves and often feed on them. If you have plants on the balcony that have become a haven for insects, you will have a hard time getting rid of them. You will need to spray with special solutions, clean the plant by hand and sometimes prune the insect-infested area. On the contrary, fake plants stay clear of annoying insects and let you enjoy an evening on the balcony and relax.

Fake plants definitely have a lower purchase cost than real ones and of course they don't cost you extra in the future to maintain them. You will not need to buy soil and pots for transplanting, nor fertilizers and vitamins. You buy fake plants once and you have them forever!

Finally, another key advantage of artificial plants is that you don't have to worry about watering them during your trip. Your artificial plants will be waiting for you to return, maintaining their color and vibrancy even if you are away for several weeks! One less thing to sort out before your trip, therefore.

Useful tips for buying an artificial plant

We have some useful tips for buying an artificial plant. The first thing you should think about is its appearance. An empty plant with few leaves will look less realistic than a full one. As far as colors go, a plastic plant with leaves in different shades of green could really look like the real thing. It's also a good idea to keep color variations in mind when considering flowering plants, since you'll likely want the colors of the flowers to match your decor. Finally, the material is also an important element, as it plays a decisive role in the appearance of the fake plant.

How long will artificial plants last?

Artificial plants placed outdoors may not last as long as those placed indoors (due to weather, rain and UV rays from the sun) and how often the artificial plants are maintained (cleaned, etc.). So be sure to choose artificial plants that have been produced to the best standards and are extremely durable.

Decoration with artificial plants

Artificial indoor plants are a fantastic decoration option for any home. In addition to not needing constant care, they can give a much-desired touch of natural scenery and relax you from the intense everyday life.

Looking for hardy potted plants? You might even start thinking about artificial plants as a solution. Besides, they look like the real thing!

Artificial plants and trees for your home can transform it in ways you can't imagine. That's why we made this article to give you room-by-room decoration ideas with artificial plants and help you change the interior of your home in a smart and affordable way.

So let's see which artificial plants and trees suit every room in your house and how to complement the pleasant atmosphere.

Artificial indoor plants for living room

The living room is the most chic room in the house. Therefore, it needs to be surrounded by plants with a corresponding style. So for your living room we recommend Dracaena and Philodendron, two timeless aesthetic fake plants that will make your living room more beautiful, relaxing and elegant.

The Dracaena is an excellent addition to side tables next to a sofa, while the Leaf Tree can be placed next to the TV cabinet or even in an empty corner of the room, e.g. next to floor lamps, decorative baskets and stone floor figurines.

Artificial potted plants for bathroom

For your bathroom, we suggest a more exotic touch with a strong contrast of green and purple. Dieffenbachia and Calathea leaves are what your bathroom needs, to give you the feeling of showering on some exotic pedestal or under a gurgling waterfall. Complete the experience with aromatherapy and bath salts, allowing yourself to live the ultimate exotic moment in your own home.

Artificial indoor plants for the bedroom

Caladium and amaranth artificial indoor plants are excellent suggestions for bedrooms. Their low height and bright green leaves are uniquely suited to modern minimal white bedrooms, but also bedrooms with warm shades such as salmon, pink and coral. But they could also perfectly frame a more masculine bedroom in shades of gray, blue and ice white.

Artificial plants for the hall

Many times the hall of a house is the most empty and indifferent room. But things don't have to be this way. A Shefflera, a Bucarnea or a Ficus will bring life to your hall with their color and make the entrance to your home more interesting. You can illuminate your artificial plants in the hall with LED lights and make the space even more romantic in the evenings.

Tall artificial plants for balcony

Our house does not end with the rooms. Our balcony is an extension of our home and it deserves to be properly designed. With a Bamboo tree, a Chikas or a Daphne you can have a wonderful balcony that does not require care. In fact, these artificial plants for the balcony will immediately give you the privacy you need, without waiting years for any of the plants in your pots to grow.

To decorate a house or a workplace with artificial plants is clearly a much simpler case, since artificial plants do not need continuous care, nor are they going to acquire damage from their natural environment. You can choose tropical or edible artificial plants without restrictions and get a themed terrace of your liking.

Some ideas for themed decorations are:



Decor with Japanese plants

Classy decoration

Cacti and succulents

Vertical garden

Exotic palm trees in your home

Add a tropical touch to your home with a beautiful artificial palm tree. These trees feature full, lush leaves that give them a very realistic look and feel. They are quite tall, making them a welcome addition to any room!

Of course, you don't need to water a fake plant, but they do need cleaning now and then. You can easily wipe off the dust with a dry cloth and before you know it, the leaves will be back to a bright green color and looking great!

Artificial flowers will offer your space unique elegance and vitality that have nothing to envy in beauty from natural flowers. They are made of excellent materials, which ensures a realistic and beautiful appearance. Add touches of color and vibrancy to the home and office with exquisite artificial flowers. Place them in a beautiful vase or basket and combine them with candlesticks, wall frames or other table decorations

Fake plants can give a completely different dimension to a space, beautifying it and creating a wonderful atmosphere of relaxation. Place artificial plants in small pots on tables or hang them on the walls. Place them next to books, in the bathroom or in bare corners of your home, for a harmonious decorative approach.

Artificial plants give you complete flexibility while at the same time giving you all the experience of having indoor plants in your home.