Best gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Like every year, this year too, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, so you have already started thinking about what gift to buy for your mother. The decision is not easy as you have to find something that represents her and will make her really happy. 

Don’t forget that when choosing a gift you must take into account the money you want to spend, the age of the recipient and the personality of the person to whom the gift is intended so as not to make a failed choice.

If you have no idea what to choose have a look below for some gift ideas for the right gift to make your mother a little happier on this special day!

  • If your mother is into gardening then she is sure to appreciate your gift. Choose small plants placed in charming containers or a stunning green or flowering plant presented in a lovely pot. For the mom who enjoys gardening and loves planting her favorite flowers in the pots of the balcony or yard, we suggest a beautiful gardening set with all the necessary tools, which will facilitate your mother but it will give her style!
  • Regardless of whether she cares enough about herself, your mother is a woman and definitely a good choice is a gift that has to do with the beauty and care of her skin. Depending of course on her preferences and needs you will choose a gift of beauty. In any case, this is a good way to thank her and make her feel good about being a woman and especially a mother! 
  • For the mom who likes exercise, good nutrition and well-being, Mother's Day is a good occasion to make a useful gift for this type of mom. The suggestions vary, from a set of suitable uniforms depending on your mother's type of fitness, a pair of running shoes, a trip to nature, to a book on healthy eating and light recipes.
  • Of course, every mother and every woman has her own personality. Before buying a gift, ask yourself what your mother's interests are. She may love literature, so a bundle of books would be ideal for her. Or maybe she is a lover of adventure, but due to her duties, she has a long time to live a special experience. In this case, an ideal gift would be a package with new hiking shoes, travel guides and tickets to a dream destination.
  • A piece of jewelry is the perfect gift for Mother's Day and will prove to be an irreplaceable accessory that can be combined with everything in her wardrobe. Whether you choose elegant and modern or classic and timeless rings, pendants, bracelets or earrings she will love and appreciate your thought. 
  • Some of the best gifts you can give your mother are a ticket for her favorite place, to arrange a picnic in nature (beach, forest, and mountain) with the whole family, or a subscription to a new activity that she may really enjoy.
  • For the traditional mother who likes to cook, a great gift idea is to give her tools and kitchen equipment to make her life easier. Find online unique gift ideas that cooking will become more enjoyable and faster and she will also have the opportunity to try new, interesting and original dishes.
  • Mother's Day is the perfect day for your mother to feel special while enjoying her favorite drink. Raise a glass to the best mom in the world with uniquely beautiful glasses for a martini, a cocktail, a daisy, a Manhattan or some other drink.
  • A wishing card with beautiful words to express your love and gratitude and a few flowers could be a beautiful gift for your mother.  Give her a bouquet of gorgeous roses or a lovely bouquet with fresh seasonal flowers that your mom prefers and deliver smiles of happiness. 

You can also combine your flowers with fruits, chocolates or various treats to make extra sweet your gift. 

You have to remember that the gift movement is always more important for your mother than the gift itself, but when this movement is combined with something that will seem absolutely useful and can last a long time and at the same time can help your mother to feel more beautiful, then the gift gets another value and brings multiple joy!

Carnation, Mother’s flower

Anna Jarvis, founder of Mother's Day, used carnations on her first Mother's Day because carnations were her mother's favourite flowers. He sent 500 white carnations to the Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia to share with the mothers. Then, it became a tradition to give flowers on Mother's Day as a sign of gratitude for all her love and care.

White carnation is preferred because it is considered to characterize some of the virtues of motherhood, purity, faith, love and charity. They also symbolize memory and are used to honour mothers who are no longer with us. Pink carnations represent the endless love and gratitude of a mother.

Carnation is considered one of the oldest flowers grown and has a rich history. If you want to send flowers for Mother's Day, then a bouquet of fresh beautiful carnations is the perfect gift for your mother.

Regardless of your budget, rest assured that your mom will love any gift you choose to give her as it will be chosen with care and love especially for her. Even if your mother claims to have everything, you need to find the perfect gift that will bring a smile of happiness to her face on Mother's Day.

Discover unique Mother's Day gifts created by our experienced florists, thus showing your love and appreciation for the special woman in your life. Even if you do not live in the same city or country with your mother most florists can deliver worldwide. Make sure you order in advance for the timely delivery of your gift, as Mother's Day is one of the most popular holidays of the year for florists.