Flower Delivery to Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian country with beautiful natural landscapes and a fantastic way of life. Sweden's tourist attractions range from luxurious palaces and ancient cities to vast arctic landscapes and the famous Ice Hotel. There are so many things to do that you will want to leave enough time to enjoy all the outdoor adventures and historical treasures. Its citizens enjoy a high standard of living and the country is generally considered modern, politically liberal and with a strong welfare state.


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    Flower Delivery to Stockholm, Sweden


    The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. Stockholm consists of a cluster of diamond islands and is located on the east coast of the country, at the entrance to Lake Mälaren. Its name means "city between bridges" and it is one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe, with palaces, gardens, truly elegant buildings, imposing churches and a multitude of museums and bridges that characterize it as "Venice of the North". 


    Vasa Museum


    The Vasa Museum in Stockholm is Sweden's most popular museum and attracts around one million visitors a year. 

    The busiest museum is the Vasa, which catches the eye with its extremely well-preserved warship that sank in Stockholm in 1628, was rescued, and now impresses with its ornate, wooden sculptures. You can see this ship in the special museum built in Stockholm, which houses nine other exhibitions, a complete and organized shop, as well as a first-class restaurant. 


    Traditional Swedish houses in Skansen National Park


    Skansen, the oldest open-air museum in the world, is a historic village consisting of houses and farms from all over Sweden, representing both rural and urban culture in various periods from 1720 to the 1960s. Houses, schools, mansions, shops, mills, workers' houses, craft shops, bakery, reindeer, and a number of complete farms. These houses, farms and workshops are inhabited by costume interpreters who perform daily tasks, demonstrating crafts and skills, as well as doing household and farm duties. A zoo includes animals from Sweden, as well as sections for exotic animals and a children's zoo.


    Gala Stan


    Stockholm's Old Town is known as Gamla Stan, a small concentrated area where the town began in the mid-13th century. Much of the medieval pocket remains, although in a typical Scandinavian style, it is freshly brushed and painted. Its charm is in the architecture along its narrow cobbled lanes and around its squares, especially the main one, Stortorget, which is surrounded by old shops. In this neighbourhood, along with many shops, restaurants and tea rooms, you will find the Nobel Museum, the Museum Publishing, the Royal Coin Cabinet, and several churches.


    Same day flower delivery to Gothenburg


    Gothenburg is Sweden's second largest city and is located in the southwest of the country. It took its name from the Goths, natives of southern Sweden. Very friendly and hospitable, it is famous for its fish and seafood, as well as for the various marine activities it promises. It has to show important sports centres and annual music and cinema events. Due to its industry, the working class is particularly prominent. It is, however, considered a remarkable campus because of its two large universities.


    Gothenburg has a wide array of cultural institutions, including theatres, opera and museums. Museums include museums of art, design and crafts, marine history, natural history, science, and the Museum of World Culture, which opened in 2004.      


    The Gothenburg Botanical Garden is considered one of the most important botanical gardens in Europe.


    Lisberg amusement park, located in the city, is the largest in Scandinavia and one of the most popular attractions in Sweden. It has a huge range of attractions, from children's carousels and from a fairytale castle to adrenaline-pump rides for speed demons, bumper cars, and four rolling springs. At Christmas, the park hosts a great market. 


    Fast flower delivery to Malmo


    Malmö, Sweden's third largest city is a multicultural gateway to Europe. The proximity of the city to the mainland is reflected in its very diverse population and the many ethnic restaurants scattered around the city. A settlement has existed where Malmö has been since the 13th century and despite offering a modern outdoor space to the world, it is a city full of history. 

    Popular things to do while visiting Malmo is to admire the mix of Malm style architecture, wander through picturesque urban parks, dine in a variety of restaurants and cafés, explore fine arts and other fascinating exhibits in the city museums.


    The Oresund Bridge is an attraction in itself. At one point it turns into an underwater tunnel and "dives" under water, creating a fantastic visual effect. This incredible technical feat connects Sweden with Denmark and in turn with the European continent. The bridge is by rail and road, and on the Danish side, it merges into a tunnel so as not to affect the aircraft at Copenhagen Airport. Take a trip across the bridge and through the tunnel to neighbouring Denmark and, if you wish, take some time to explore Copenhagen.


    Send flowers to Sigtuna


    Known as the first city in Sweden to be founded in 980 AD, in the last century of the Viking Age, the idyllic village of Sigtuna is housed next to Lake Mälaren in the lush landscape of Uppland, north of Stockholm. The amazing history of Sigtuna is found in the medieval churches, ruins, stones and buildings that remain to this day. Along the Storgatan, which has lasted more than a thousand years, are clusters of interesting little boutiques selling fashion, designer items and crafts. 


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