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Orchid, an elegant flower


One of the most elegant flowers, the orchid is strikingly exotic and instantly changes any place from boring to chic! Stylish and aristocratic reminds us of the shape of the butterfly, and gracefully decorates every corner of the house, office, or any point we choose to decorate.


History shows that the orchid flower is thought to be a very powerful plant. Throughout the years, many cultures across the world believed that orchids have healing and disease-fighting properties. If you’re suffering from a cough or even lung disease, traditional Chinese medicine suggests a treatment of herbal remedies including orchids. In Victorian England the orchid came to mean luxury, surprising when you think about the rarity of the flower, as they can be hard to find, except in tropical locations. The ancient Greeks were known to use orchids to fuel their power and strength and even as an aphrodisiac! They believed that the orchid was a symbol of fertility. Orchids could be a fantastic gift for someone is expecting a baby.


Today, orchids are strongly associated with perfection and beauty and are thought of as a symbol of rare and delicate beauty. The reason for this is due to their unique shape. They add an elegance and charm to the flower arrangements and decoration.


There over 25,000 species of orchids all over the world. Orchids are available in many and striking colors, such as pale pastel, creamy, pink, white but also red, lilac, and blue. If you are looking for a more special variety, there are orchids with strange colors and patterns, such as leopard orchids with purple and white spots, striped or cow dots. Even the sizes of the orchid vary from miniature to giant flowers.


Orchids are considered to be the 14th wedding anniversary flowers. Pink orchids convey affection, white orchids signify purity, red orchids represent love and understanding and yellow orchids represent fertility. They add an elegance and beauty to the flower arrangements and decoration.


Popular orchid varieties:


Phalaenopsis: The most well-known orchids for flower pot and indoor decoration. They are very easy to grow and bloom for a long time. They have vertical growth and can create aerial roots. They develop few but large leaves at their base with leathery texture. Flowers appear in groups, on long stems. Each plant can have 8-10 flowers. The flowers are very impressive with different colors and diameter of 8-10 cm. They usually appear at the end of the winter and early spring. On the plant the flowers can last up to three months. Cut flowers can be kept for 1-2 weeks from when they are cut.


Cymbidium: They are also grown in pots, but they can also decorate outdoors in the spring and summer, provided they are protected from the sun. They have horizontal growth and create many leaves, thin and oblong, about 60 cm long. Flowers grow in inflorescences on long stems. Each inflorescence has 10-25 flowers. Most Cymbidium orchids bloom in February - May, while cut flowers can be preserved for 4-6 weeks.


Dendrobium: They have very elegant flowers and in their native form they live on tree trunks. They are mainly used in floriculture since they create floral stems up to 1 m long and up to 100 flowers. Most species in winter fall into lethargy and spring up in the spring.


Vanda: They have great value in producing cut flowers. Their flowers are particularly impressive, often fragrant and long-lasting. Cut flowers last for about three weeks. As ornamental plants are not considered easy to maintain as they need regular treatments and particular growth conditions.


Caring for the orchid plant


If you want to take care of an orchid in a pot, the process is simple.


• It needs light, ideally not direct sunlight, while it is good to place it near an eastern window.


• The ideal temperature is between 18-28 degrees Celsius


In the summer you can water it every 1 or 2 days and in winter it needs watering only once a week or 15 days depending on the environment. Watering must be done in the morning so that leaves can dry out until night to avoid the possibility of rotting. When watering the orchids, you should water them well and do not re-dry them until they dry out.


Caring for the orchid flower


Here are some tips for taking care of cut orchids:


• Select a clean jar or vase and fill it with tap water at room temperature.


• Cut the stems diagonally from 3 to 5 cm with a clean knife or pruners.


• Do not place the orchids in direct contact with the sunlight or near the central heating.


• Refresh your jar water regularly


The beauty of these flowers is that with just a little bit of care, your loved one will enjoy a bounty of blooms for long time. They look great in any room of your house or your office. Any variety of orchid flowers makes great gifts for birthdays, housewarming celebrations, Mother’s Day and more! Find online at anthmionflowers.gr orchid bouquets, arrangements or plants.