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How to decorate your house with flowers and plants

Green plants and flowers make any space lively, fresh and welcoming. Indoor plants are undoubtedly the most beautiful decorative element that you can use in any part of the house, as long as it is relatively bright and with normal temperature conditions in all seasons.

Plants have the power to completely transform a space and improve its aesthetics and is a great way to give another air to your house or office. 

The plants give color and life to any room and make it look warmer and more welcoming. But how you place the plants in space is often a challenge. Indeed, no matter how beautiful the plants you have chosen are, if they are not decorated in the right way the result will not be what you like.So here are some suggestions to place plants in your home to have an impressive result!


Use artificial plants for decoration


If you are one of those people who forget to water the flowers, artificial plants can be the perfect solution for you. Artificial plants and flowers are one of those decorative items that can last for a long time and do not require your attention - they are just there to give life and color to your everyday life.

When the weather changes and the natural plants lose their color and freshness, you do not have to worry that the same will happen to the artificial plants. You can be sure that the impression and image you want your decor to have will not change, as the appearance of artificial plants does not change over time.

It is possible to find artificial plants that look incredibly real and it is sometimes difficult to even distinguish them. Also, do not forget that real flowers are more expensive and need special care.


Decorate your bathroom


Bathrooms are usually not the right place to put plants due to lack of space, natural light and excessive humidity. But there are many plants that are not very demanding, and they can be easily maintained in such conditions. So place plants such as orchids, aloe or dracaena plants that will not have any survival problems in the bathroom and will even beautify it!


Hanging and climbing growing plants


The hanging plants are one of the most practical solutions, impressive, decorative and very functional especially for small spaces, as they will free up valuable space on the floor. To facilitate watering, choose plants that need as little water as possible and place them with their saucer or in a beautiful pot, basket, etc.

A nice spot for your plants is none other than the walls! So you can either hang the plants directly on the wall or fill a wall shelf with lots of plants. This way, your wall will get color and style!

The pots, baskets, etc. that you will place plants are also elements of the decoration of a space and by choosing designs-shades appropriately, the plants are "integrated" perfectly harmoniously into the overall image, regardless of their size.


Climbing and vertical growing plants are ideal to place them on high furniture-points leaving them to "hang" down. Pothos and the ornamental Ivy, are the extremely easy and suitable plants for similar use that you can fearlessly prune at any time to limit their growth.


Refresh your bedroom with plants


Plants give color and life to a room so they should not be missing from your bedroom. You can transform it into a small green oasis, choosing plants that are proven to clean the atmosphere! On the floor or even hanging on shelves the ideas are countless and the types of plants are just as many!

When you decorate your bedroom with indoor plants, the space automatically becomes cozier and more relaxing. This is because it is almost as if you are getting closer to nature, which only knows how to relax and rejuvenate you!


Aromatic plants for the kitchen


There is nothing that adds more color and life to a kitchen than indoor plants or herbs for your wonderful recipes!

The addition of plants in the kitchen, in addition to "living" and incredibly beautifying the space, is accompanied by additional benefits for your health, as plants will clean the atmosphere from harmful internal pollutants, will offer relaxation and calm and will certainly make food preparation much more fun!

If you decide to put herbs and spices in your kitchen, remember that most of them need good drainage, sun and air, so place them in front of a window and open to freshen the air.


Cut flowers in vases


To give a modern style to the decoration of your house buy fresh bouquets from your local flower store and put them in gorgeous vases adding this way an elegant touch to the space. The transparency of the vase combined with the water and the fresh flower will give a luxury to the living room.


Place plants on the floor


A large or medium green plant or a beautiful flowering plant placed on the floor can really change the whole room! This is because on the one hand it covers a large part of the space and on the other hand it gives a lot of color to the space.


Beautiful centerpieces 


The coffee table and side tables are the suitable surfaces to accommodate the pots with cactus or succulents, your orchids or other small or medium plants. So between the candles, the books or whatever else you have on your table, place one or more pots with your favorite plants and immediately your table will come to life!


Put plants in the fireplace


The fireplace is a part of the living room that is used only in winter. This does not mean, however, that the rest of the seasons must remain unexploited. So after you thoroughly clean the fireplace, place your beautiful pots with plants inside. In this way you will take advantage of a beautiful place that usually remains empty, making the space look cold.

From the bathroom to the kitchen and from the living room to the bedroom, there are countless ways to bring nature into your home, based on plant decoration. So if you are a nature lover and you want to renew your space find online the perfect green or flowering plant for your home. Pick the right one from a wide selection of indoor decorative plants in your local flower store.