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Which flower represents your personality?

Flowers have their symbolism, their meaning. They help us to deliver messages to those around us, but they also represent many elements of our character! 


For many centuries, people attributed magical properties to flowers! In the years of the Puritan Victorian period, flowers stood out and flower divination was something that people often looked up to "read" their future. To decode the messages given by the flowers, they used their aroma, their shape, but also the combinations that they formed on the plant. 


They believed that each flower represented something and depending on what they chose to wear they wanted to deliver a specific message to those around them. This is what we believe today; in fact we give flowers wanting to say something to the other in a polite way and without saying much. 


Depending on which flower you prefer, it reveals elements of your character, your personality and your style. 


So find out what is your favorite flower and check how much it characterizes you.




Timeless style and always ready for new experiences!

You almost always think with your heart! Travel and adventure characterize the lives of those who love roses. You are excited about new experiences and different cultures. You are never out of season. 

Your aesthetics are timeless and classic, while you always know how to adopt fashion trends according to your own style.




This flower "shouts" femininity. Peonies symbolize gentleness, compassion, good health and a happy life. That is why they foretell a happy marriage and a good life. What does it mean for your character? You are a positive person who always looks forward and welcomes the future with optimism. You show sympathy and stand by others, 

Your style is bold, bright, elegant but never flashy.




Magnolia blooms only one month a year, in May, so it is rare. It is one of the oldest flowers we know of. You are rare, full of virtues and most likely come from a very dynamic family. Magnolia symbolizes Yin and therefore the feminine side of life, but it also means purity and dignity. 

If it is your favorite flower it means that your style is clean, special and beautiful.




Lilies symbolize purity and sophisticated beauty. Depending on their colors, they symbolize humility, joy of life and even passion. They are often flowers used in weddings for their elegant blooms and variety of colors. People that prefer lilies are incredibly independent in their relationships and this is because lilies are one of the few flowers that do not have much need for the care of others. 

People that prefer lilies follow a classic style that radiates their personality.




The cold of winter never bothers you but you also love the first rays of spring! You know how to be proud and stand tall, like a lilac. Lilac symbolizes youthful innocence; in fact if you love purple, then it means that you do not forget your first love while white means humanity and calm. 

You are special, you have a nostalgic mood, you have a special feeling and love for antiques and surely your wardrobe is romantic, full of vintage pieces.




The red carnation symbolizes love, pride and admiration, the pink the love of a daughter for her mother, the purple the delicacy, while the white the pure love. 

The carnation lovers have the ability in philosophy and language learning. At the same time they are truly down to earth and practical, and even if you change your mood and regardless of your emotions, your style remains the same: simple, clean and impressive.

People that prefer the carnation have refined taste, delicate and timeless style.




Orchids symbolize exotic beauty, refined spirit and mature charm. They are also symbols of pride and radiant femininity! Exotic countries are an absolutely attractive destination for you. You are sophisticated, you are usually the brightest person wherever you are, you attract people around you but you remain discreet. 

Your style is full of great details and you have a love for luxury. 




Daisies are flowers that represent beauty and a happy mood! Those who love daisies are optimistic people with positive energy and find the good even in the worst case. You usually love waking up in the morning, smiling at those around you and always knowing how to say a good word. You really value fun and freedom and you feel happy just because you are still alive! 

Your style is light, fun and modern.




They symbolize comfort, health, success and wealth. If you love poppies more than any other flower, you are creative, you love extroversion and you like to attract the attention of others. You like to express your feelings and you are not afraid to try new things. 

Your style is bold, colorful, and do not hesitate to adopt new trends, especially those that most others are afraid of!




Tulips symbolize perfect love and true love and depending on the colors have different meanings, from the sunny mood to forgiveness! You like to give to people, to think about the needs of your friends, while you are distinguished for the faith and trust that you inspire. You are like a chameleon of unknown origin, adapting to every moment of your life and managing to slip in every occasion!

Your personal style is constantly changing based on your mood day by day, but in a way it is always elegant and sophisticated.




If you prefer gardenia you like to stand out with whatever you do, to stand out from the crowd and be appreciated. Make your presence felt, while your behavior is sometimes distant. You probably do not leave the house, if you have not always worn your special perfume! If so, then you love gardenias, which have the sweetest scent of all and in fact a smell that will never be forgotten. 

Your style is special, sophisticated and timeless.




The sunflower has various symbolisms. For some it is a symbol of faith and even of faith that is accompanied by admiration and perhaps goes to extremes. Because they look like the sun, sunflowers also symbolize radiance, warmth and happiness. 

If you love sunflowers you are a person with a warm and open heart. You tend to be the center of attention and others seek advice and guidance from you. You are an affectionate, kind-hearted and loyal friend, with the ability to enjoy a wide range of spiritual gifts.

The sunflower lovers always want to stand out, they are creative with passion and love bright and glittered clothes and jewels. 


We appreciate flowers, their beauty and the mystery or warmth they can convey. If you have found some of your personality traits in some of the above flower descriptions then you know which flower represents your personality and character.