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Valentine's Day | 14th of February

Best fragrant plants

Beautify your balcony or garden with colorful plants that will improve your mood and give a note of joy to the home. Most of the time flowers have an aroma in order to repel dangerous insects while others attract beneficial insects such as bees and to fertilize the plant. 


Find below some of the most beautiful plants with attractive aroma to plant in your garden or in a pot on your balcony and enjoy them for many years.




We all love lavender for the wonderful aroma of its flowers and its unique insect repellent properties. Aromatic plant that grows in the Mediterranean, western Asia and India, lavender has shoots that start from the base, with characteristic gray-green leaves and fragrant purple flowers. Lavender is an ideal plant for low borders, as it is one of the tallest aromatic plants that reach one meter. However, like most aromatic plants, lavender can be planted in our garden but can be successfully grown in a pot on our balcony. 

Lavender is the ultimate aromatic plant. It has a very strong and fragrant smell. It does not take many things to thrive. Watering once a week and enough sun. You can cut its branches and put them in closets and drawers, while you can make essential oil from lavender flowers




Hyacinth, therefore, is one of the most beautiful bulbous flowers of autumn planting that we find in flower beds, in large gardens, as well as in pots on balconies, where it usually blooms 2-2.5 months after planting the bulb. There are many varieties of hyacinth in a wide range of colors from pink, light blue, orange, yellow, red to white. Hyacinth’s intense intoxicating aroma of its flowers remains unique! At the same time you can find this flower in different colors that will give color to your balcony. Hyacinth belongs to the category of plants that need frequent watering. You can also place it inside your home.




Lilac is the ornamental plant that has been associated with the celebration of Easter. And not unjustly, as the lilac plant gives us an impressive flowering that lasts 20 to 30 days, in late spring, close to the Easter period. Deciduous shrub, up to four meters tall and originating from the Balkans, the lilac has acclimatized and spread to both northern and western Europe, as well as North America. It stands out for its characteristic heart-shaped deep green leaves and especially for its wonderful fragrant flowers, in shades from white and light yellow to deep purple. Lilac is an excellent choice of plant for a fence and can be planted in the garden, as well as in a pot on the balcony. 




Jasmine is the most popular and one of the most beautiful climbing plants that we traditionally find in the courtyards of Greek houses. The sweet aroma of jasmine flowers has been associated with unique memories from our childhood. Originally from Asia, jasmine stands out for its wonderful flowering that appears in spring and lasts until the first cold of winter. Jasmine is planted in a garden to grow on a fence or cover a pergola, as well as in a pot on our balcony to climb a frame on the wall. Jasmine is a relatively hardy plant that with proper care can give us rich vegetation full of flowering. 

Jasmine has a very enchanting and sweet smell. It belongs to the climbing plants; therefore it can also offer you coolness or shading. Jasmine needs areas with sun to bloom; it withstands the heat, although in the summer months it is good to water it one or two times a week.




Gardenia is the ornamental plant that together with the rose plants has the most fanatical fans in South Europe countries. Most of us remember it from the veranda or the grandparents' yards, to stand out with its wonderful white fragrant flowers and shiny leaves. Suitable season for planting gardenia is in the spring, where we plant it in a garden and in a pot to give us its unique beauty in yards, terraces and balconies. The gardenia blooms in early summer and gives us a second bloom in early autumn. Although it is considered a delicate plant that requires a lot of care and time, it is certain that with proper care it rewards us with the beautiful healthy flowers and impressive aromas. It needs a semi-shady place to grow, it needs to be protected from winds and sunlight and it needs a lot of water.




Freesias are gorgeous flowers with wonderful colors and charming aroma! As soon as autumn comes, it is time to plant flower bulbs to give us their wonderful flowering in late winter and early spring. Find freesias in a variety of colors such as red, purple, pink, yellow, fuchsia and white. We can decorate the most beautiful pots for our balcony, as well as we can plant them in our garden flower beds. Freesia is an excellent choice for flowers in a vase, as they last for a long time. 




The rose is perhaps the most widespread and recognizable ornamental plant with fanatical fans around the world. Most of us remember the fragrant hundred-leaf rose from our grandmothers' yards and there are hundreds of different varieties of rose, with flowers in beautiful colors, striking designs and many sizes. Roses are perfect as cut flowers to decorate any place in a vase, as well as to make unique bouquets and stunning arrangements for our special recipients. 

It is a plant that you can find in different colors while its aroma remains unforgettable. It especially loves the sun and needs frequent watering.



As soon as we smell the sweet aroma emanating from the violets, we feel that spring is coming. Violet, is a wonderful annual spring flower with low growth that reaches a height of 30-50 cm. It stands out for its characteristic oblong gray-green leaves and the impressive fragrant flowers in shades of white, yellow, pink, purple and red. We can choose varieties of violet with single or double flowers to plant in the garden or in a pot on the balcony. 

Violet has a continuous and prolonged flowering from early spring to early autumn. In addition to the important ornamental value that violet offers us where we will plant it, we can cut its flowers to put them in a vase and enjoy their aroma for several more days. 


Whether you are going to choose an aromatic plant for your garden or balcony or you prefer to have cut flowers that have pleasant aromas in your vase, the sure thing is that fragrant flowers and plants will fill any indoor or outdoor space with wonderful, intense or delicate aromas.

When flowers are added to a space, they provide more than just beauty - they also fill the air with their enchanting scents. The next time you look for a special way to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them, find in your closest flower shop the perfect bouquet of flowers or flowering plants that have natural scents.