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Gorgeous red roses are particularly synonymous with Valentine's Day. Classic Valentine's roses tend to be red, as this vibrant color evokes emotions of love, desire and passion. However, each color has its own meaning especially when it will make your recipient feel special. There is no better way to send a heartfelt message than with the classic rose flower. 


Here is a guide to the meaning behind flower colors.


Red: A traditional floral symbol of love and affection. It is the perfect gift to send to someone on Valentine's Day.


Purple: Purple roses are the symbol of enchantment and declare that you are in love at first sight.


Coral: this color means desire and passion at the same time.


Orange: means that your feelings are very fresh, full of excitement and spontaneous.


Yellow:  A symbol of friendship. On the other hand, there are those who see yellow roses as a sign of infidelity.


Pink: in dark shades symbolize appreciation and gratitude while roses in paler shades are associated with courtesy and admiration.


White: White roses are the symbol of purity and sincerity. 


Fuchsia: The color that expresses ambition, self-knowledge and controlled passions.


Blue: is the color that enhances emotional peace, tranquility, pleasure and recovery.


Violet or Lilac: They are perfect choice for those wishing to make an impact with an extraordinary flower. It is used to convey any number of deeply meaningful messages.


As if choosing a specific rose color weren't enough to express your deepest thoughts, you can convey your true feelings through the number of stems you select. Refer to the list below to find out how different numbers of stems can represent different messages of love.


Rose flower meanings based on numbers:


Single rose: represents love at first sight


Two roses: Let us be together


Three roses: You, me and our love


Nine roses: A symbol of eternal love


Ten roses: Tell someone ''You are perfect"


Twelve roses: "Be mine"


Thirteen roses: Symbolize eternal friendship or a secret admirer


Fifteen roses: Say ''I am sorry"


Twenty roses: Symbolic of belief and sincerity


Twenty one roses: Say ''I am devoted to you''


Twenty four roses: Let them know they are always on your mind


Twenty five roses: Wish happiness or congratulate someone


Thirty six roses: Says ''I will remember our romantic moments"


Forty roses: My love for you is genuine


Fifty roses: Express a love that knows no bounds


Fifty one roses: Says ''You are the only one on my mind''


Ninety nine roses: ''I will love you till the day I die"


One hundred roses: Is a sign of a spiritual connection with someone


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