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Celebrate Valentine's Day

Those who are truly in love may celebrate every day, but there is also a day of the year that they officially celebrate love. It's Valentine's Day on February 14th. It is the day that every (or almost every) man or woman will express their love by offering a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or more romantic gifts. 

History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the world on February 14th. There are various stories behind why we celebrate Valentine’s day, the one that is most popular is the following one. The story dates back to 3rd century. It was the time when Romans were converting to Christianity. However, the emperor, Claudius II was a non-christian and had very strict rules for the Roman Christians, one of which was that they can’t marry. He believed that this way, the Roman soldiers will remain devoted to their duty towards Rome.

Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest was completely against it. He started to get these soldiers married in secret ceremonies. He was caught and jailed, but by then he earned a reputation for being a saviour of love. It is said that in jail, he fell in love with the jailer’s blind daughter. He cured her blindness and just before getting executed, he wrote a love message and signed it as ‘from your Valentine’. 

This happened on February 14th of the year 270. Two hundred years later, the pope of the Roman Catholic Church proclaimed this day as the Saint Valentine’s day. This is widely assumed as the main reason for celebrating the valentine’s day.

Valentine's day isn't just for people in romantic relationship. It is meant to celebrate all relationships with friends and family. Any special person in your life would treasure a gift for Valentine's day.

Planning to throw a romantic surprise for your loved one on Valentine's day? To create a romantic festive atmosphere all you need to have is:

  • love and romantic mood

  • fresh flowers in red shades or rose petals

  • fruits, such as strawberries

  • heart-shaped chocolates and treats

  • bottle of red wine and glasses

Celebrating this special day it doesn’t have to be expensive, but instead think of something that comes straight from the heart. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Express your love with roses. Flowers, especially roses would be the first preference for most people to gift their loved ones. 

  2. Create the perfect date at home. Spend the entire day with her and treat her like your princess. No reservations required and she will love all the attention that she gets.

  3. Decorate the house with fresh flowers, set the tone with candles and romantic music.

  4. Movie night at home. Grab their favorite treats and drinks to have alongside a tasty big bowl of freshly popped popcorn. Turn on the movie and enjoy!

  5. Take her out in a fancy restaurant or in a park and spend some quality time with each other in public.

  6. Arrange a candlelight dinner. Surprise him/her with a special delicious dish made by you

  7. Go for a weekend getaway.  

Whether you've just started dating someone special or have been together for years, we at got the perfect romantic gifts to surprise them on 14th February. Pair gorgeous red roses with more beautiful flowers, a box of chocolate or a jewelry and make the perfect romantic gift for your Valentine.