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Flower wreaths for every occasion

The term "wreath" is commonly used to describe an arrangement of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs, and other various materials that are made to form a ring-shaped circle. They can be worn around the head or as a garland around the neck. Wreaths have a long history and symbolism. They are also used in rituals in many cultures around the world. 


The beauty of a wreath will complete the decoration of your home and add a touch of your style and your personality. These beautiful arrangements will give a little of the beauty of the countryside and will welcome your loved ones giving them positive energy.


Wreaths for every season of the year


Placing a wreath on the front door of your house will help you to welcome in a beautiful way all those who visit your space. Also using a wreath on an empty wall or as a decorative element on a small table and your fireplace, will add charm and freshness to any room, office or even balcony! Regardless of the season, you can find the right one to suit your space and environment.




Autumn is the season when nature prefers the earthy shades of orange, brown and yellow. So the ideal would be to decorate your door or house with a wreath that will have an autumn mood in these shades.


  • Dried flowers along with decorative elements such as rope, burlap, ribbons, etc. can create an impressive autumn wreath suitable for decorating any room of the house.
  • A wreath of fresh chrysanthemums, large autumn leaves along with natural materials of the season and rich greenery create the perfect wreath to decorate your home and add a warm touch to your space.




Winter with cold and hazy days needs to warm up the atmosphere in your house. A wreath of poinsettia, seasonal flowers and branches, pine cones, cinnamon, dried fruits and candles will add freshness and warmth to your environment helping you enjoy your stay in a good mood and add an extra welcoming touch.


  • A wreath of dried fruits and nuts in combination with earthy elements, ribbons, fabrics and ropes will definitely create a wonderful decorative arrangement that you will enjoy with your loved ones.
  • Red and green are a classic combination of colours for the festive days of Christmas so you can make the contrast and choose a wreath containing white branches and flowers, snow white, for your decorative wreath thus adding an elegant touch to the atmosphere of your home.




Spring is the season when we celebrate the rebirth of nature and fills us with optimism and happiness. To welcome this beautiful season we can only decorate our house or balcony with a spring wreath.


  • Add a fragrant wreath of lavender, bay leaves and other dried herbs to your space and enjoy the fragrances and freshness of nature.
  • As tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers, a wreath of colourful or monochrome tulips will create a truly spring atmosphere.




Summer is the right time to give a fresh and cool style to your home and change your mood! Welcome the big sunny days of summer by hanging a bright decorative wreath on the front door or on a wall of your house or balcony.


  • A colourful and cheerful wreath with summer elements such as shells, starfish, pebbles and other ornamentals will add all the beauty of the beach to your space.
  • Sunflowers are the favourite flowers of summer. Welcome the summer with a wreath of fresh sunflowers and more flowers in bright shades of yellow and orange, the colours that symbolize happiness and optimism.


Wreaths for every occasion


A wreath is a lovely arrangement that can be used in any pleasant or unpleasant occasion. Whether it is celebrating Christmas, Easter, or you want to decorate a wedding reception hall or even to mourn the loss of a friend, the wreath is the perfect way to create the right decoration. It is also an easy way to express your personality and style in any space.




The beauty and aroma of natural Christmas wreaths lasts throughout the holiday season and will be a strong decorative element in your home or office. Wreaths create the perfect Christmas gifts for a friend, a relative or a business partner or client. 


  • Bring the scents and colours of the Christmas season to your home, with a beautiful fragrant wreath of fir, pine cones, pine, dried fruits, nuts, cinnamon and oranges can beautifully decorate the festive table that will welcome your guests.
  • Add sparkle and a luxurious touch to your home with an elegant wreath with lights and ornaments in gold and silver shades. This is a beautiful arrangement creating an elegant décor to enjoy with your guests.




Easter is the ideal time of spring to bring an air of freshness and renewal inside and outside your home, in the most beautiful and natural way. An Easter wreath will complete the Easter decoration of the house and will excite your guests.


  • Choose a playful and cheerful wreath with flowers and Easter materials such as bunnies, eggs, birds, nests and other items to add some of the magic of Easter to your space that will impress young and older people.
  • A classic wreath, which can be also used in the epitaph, is with fresh seasonal flowers in purple, lilac and white shades. Combine lilies, roses, carnations with lilacs and violets, with the characteristic Easter aromas and celebrate Easter in a beautiful way.


May Day


May Day has its roots in antiquity, with events designed to celebrate the fertility of the fields, the fruiting of the earth, the bloom of nature, the final end of winter and the coming of summer. The most common custom of this day is the creation of the May Day wreath of flowers cut from the fields or other flowers of the season, to decorate the front door, so that the coolness and rebirth of nature carry it to their place. 


  • Celebrate May Day with a cool and fresh wreath of colourful daisies, roses, lilacs, anemones and more wildflowers that you can find at your balcony, backyard or at your cottage house.
  • A wreath of elegant blue / purple hydrangeas in combination with roses, gerberas, tulips and more flowers in pastel or bright shades will illuminate any room or door and will impress those who visit you.




Funeral wreaths in a circular shape, symbolize the continuity of life and love. They are arrangements that will help honour the life of your loved one. You can choose classic and more special wreaths in various shapes and colours such as a tripod, heart or cross to express your respect and sorrow. A funeral wreath is a beautiful choice that appears for the cemetery or church.


  • A classic wreath of white carnations, roses and lilies symbolizes the simplicity and elegance of white flowers. Choose a type of flower or combine different white flowers and express your respect to the family of the deceased.
  • Express your sympathy and support to friends and family who lost a loved one with a colourful wreath of flowers ideal for the occasion such as roses, daisies, carnations, lilies and gladiolus and make them happy for your thoughts.


We hope we have helped you with our ideas to choose the right wreath that will ideally suit your style and the appropriate occasion. Wreaths are great when sent as gifts as they are long lasting gifts, reminding your recipient how much you care. Some of these wreaths that have fresh and aromatic flowers, after a while dry out and create an impressive decorative arrangement.

It's great to buy for you or send wreaths to your loved ones all year round. The aromas and colours of the various flowers along with the freshness of the greenery and other decorative elements will make a statement to the front door and in every part of every house.