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Gifts for mothers

Mother's Day was established to honour the achievements of women in the society and in most countries of the world is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Mother's Day symbolizes motherhood and is generally the occasion to express our love and appreciation to this very important person in our lives.

Mothers have an amazing role in the family and in society as they are the ones who give life, grow up and are always by the side of every difficult moment of her children. Mother's Day is a good opportunity to show our gratitude and thank the mother for all her support and wise advice.


Along with your wishes and thanks, give her a gift that will make her feel that you love her and think of her. Choose a personal gift as you will need to take into account the taste, style and character of your mother. Regardless of the gift you choose, do not forget that they will love it because they know that it comes from you and you chose it with your heart!


Find below some suggestions to choose the perfect gift for the woman you feel like a mother.




As it is the mother who raised and cared for you all these years, now is the right time to express your love and appreciation.


  • A beautiful way to wish your mother is to choose an aromatic plant. Give her favourite plant whether it is an herb or lavender and this is definitely a way to help your mom relax after a long day.
  • If she loves tea and coffee then surprise your mother with her own cup or mug. A mug for coffee or tea with a photo of her family or a funny phrase will definitely make her happy as it is a gift she will use more than once.
  • Apart from mom, your mother is also a woman, so if she loves to use various beauty products, then you can surprise her with cosmetics and wellness gifts. Classic women's gifts such as cosmetics, face and body creams, shoes, accessories or clothes is a gift that will surely give joy to your mother.




For the woman of your life and the mother of your children, you should choose a special gift that will make her feel special. Say “thank you” for the hard work your wife does during the day taking care of the house, and your family with a gift that will definitely make her happy and important.


  • A piece of jewelry is always the best gift for a woman. Choose a special necklace with her favourite stones or a special pendant that will have a special place in your heart.
  • If your wife has style and loves fashion then add to her collection a stunning leather bag, a pair of high heels or a modern belt or scarf that will complement her look.
  • A bouquet of gorgeous red roses placed in an elegant vase is a gift that will surely make your wife smile and beautify her day. If you accompany the roses together with a bottle of champagne or wine and a box with her favourite chocolates, it is certain that you will make her feel special and she will thank you for your thought.




As she is the woman who raised and created the man/woman you are with, this is the right day to thank her and remind her that she is important to you and your family.


  • If she loves cooking, a personalized apron or a pair of oven gloves is one of the most practical kitchen gifts. Also a special chopping board or a practical tool for her kitchen is a great way to say thank you for all the meals she made for you.
  • Surprise her with an impressive arrangement with her favourite flowers, tulips, carnations, roses and other seasonal flowers delivering to her door. A lovely arrangement or a bouquet of traditional flowers is a gift that will definitely impress her and make her feel special.
  • Fresh herbs beyond that can add aromas and fragrances to any balcony can also instantly upgrade any meal. If your mother is into cooking then a pot of basil, thyme, parsley or some other plant is the perfect gift idea for this day.



Grandma is the favourite person in the family who raised your parents, who are important to you and you love and admire. She is the one who always takes care to feed you with your favourite food and fills you with hugs and kisses when you are near her.


  • You can give a unique personalized gift for your beloved grandmother on Mother's Day. A classic, vintage frame with your favourite photo will definitely make her smile as she will remember you when she looks at your gift. You can also choose to let all the grandchildren choose their best photos with her and create a wonderful collage with photos from relaxing summer vacations or other moments shared with grandma thanking her for being a part of your life.
  • A basket of hand-made sweet treats, such as cookies, chocolates, cakes and more will give happy smiles to your grandmother as she will not have to get tired of making them herself. However, if she should not eat sugar, then a basket of delicious and crunchy apples, fresh oranges, pears, kiwis and many other seasonal fruits, will be perfect to show her how much you care about her health.
  • Give your grandmother a gift that will keep growing. If she loves gardening, a green or flowering plant in a pot is a good and classic gift choice. You could also choose a bonsai or a plant that does not need special care for the house as it will add some of the freshness of nature to any space.




Becoming a mom is a life-changing event for any woman and raising a child is exciting and difficult. So, for the new mom in your life, show your love and respect by choosing a thoughtful gift.


  • As she does not have enough time to pamper herself in a beauty salon, a set of spa products is a gift that will help her turn her bath into a spa and take a break from her daily routine. Give her a lovely arrangement with scented soaps in the shape of flowers along with scented candles and beneficial oils that will place them in the living room or bathroom and will help her relax on this special day.
  • As it is the first time she celebrates as a new mom, a beautiful piece of jewelry, such as a necklace, pendant, bracelet or ring, modern or classic, with her favorite stone or the word "mom" will bring tears of joy to her face.
  • Her favourite perfume or a new perfume of her favourite brand that she has not had time or money to buy is one of the best gifts for every woman. So give the new mom a special scent to make her feel special.


Celebrate Mother's Day with quality time


Finally, you can give the special woman of your life, whether it is your mother, your step-mother, your grandmother, or your aunt, an invaluable gift. Apart from a big thank you and a special gift, what you will definitely appreciate is spending a little more quality time together.


Give her a day without doing anything and you and the rest of the family do the chores she has to do. For example, put in the washing machine, wash the dishes or cook dinner for the whole family. So she will have a free day to rest and test your culinary skills.

If you still do not know how to cook, all you have to do is order dinner from her favourite “takeaway” store or plan an outing to her favourite restaurant.


Put a smile on the face of the special woman in your life with a wonderful gift as a proof of your appreciation and respect. Show your love by buying the ideal gift that will be unforgettable to your special recipient from your favourite e-shop.

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