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Ways and gifts to celebrate wedding anniversary

Every anniversary, whether it is a relationship anniversary or a wedding anniversary, is a small renewal of your love and devotion to the other half. That's why it's a great event and it's really worth celebrating this special day in the best way. 

Unfortunately, the routine of everyday life makes us forget what we have loved in our partner as well as things we did at the beginning of the relationship. So the celebration of the anniversary is a nice opportunity to remind us that in life, the moments of happiness are the ones that count and fill us with strength and energy.


The wedding anniversary is really an important holiday for any couple. The options for celebration are almost endless, but everyone shares one goal - to spend time with your loved one and fill the day with wonderful, unforgettable emotions. 


If you want to give a special meaning to your wedding anniversary you need to find a special way to celebrate it with your partner. After all, the anniversary is a great opportunity to remember one of the most beautiful days of your life together as a couple and to evaluate your relationship.


You have the opportunity to dedicate yourself exclusively to your partner and spend time with him, which perhaps due to limited time and work you have not done until now.


Read various suggestions below to spend your anniversary romantically and happily.


Staying at home


If you do not want to or can not go out, prepare a dinner together at home. Organize a romantic dinner with your favorite dishes, without forgetting to decorate the apartment with lighted candles, photos, pleasant music and other festive elements of the interior. 


Romantic dinner in a restaurant


A dinner in an expensive restaurant with nice music and first course, second course, third course is definitely something we can not do every day. So, enjoying good food and wine in a very nice atmosphere is definitely a nice way to celebrate your anniversary and get away from the daily routine.


Second honeymoon


What better way to escape the routine with a trip? You can arrange a trip to the place you travel when you get married or even make the honeymoon trip you never did. 

Choose one of the hundreds of romantic destinations in your country or even long distance country, book a superior room and escape from everyday life even for a weekend. However, this bit is also therapeutic and definitely an opportunity, on the occasion of the anniversary, to warm up your relationship. So pack your bags now!


Spa for two


For those who do not have much free time, book a spa for two at your city's five star hotels. A day with relaxation treatments is a great way to relax and spend quality time together. Many hotels and spas offer special programs for couples, such as massages, facials, and jacuzzi or sauna. Enjoy peace, luxury and love. What else do you need?


Celebrate with your loved ones


An anniversary can be personal for some couples, but sometimes it is a good occasion to spend time with your family and close friends. Spend some time just for the two of you, and then you can invite your loved ones to celebrate this important day with them. It is a good occasion to renew your wedding vows in the presence of all your good friends. Enrich the day with your favorite menu, cake, aperitifs, snacks or barbecue. 


A wedding anniversary is always a memorable event for a couple and symbolizes the couple's ongoing commitment and love for each other. Anniversary gifts are an important part of celebrating annual wedding anniversaries, showing your love and attention to your spouse. Then what is the right anniversary wedding gift up to the year to best convey your feelings? Some perfect wedding anniversary gift ideas are offered below to help you choose a great anniversary wedding gift for your wedding anniversary. 


Many couples stop exchanging anniversary gifts. After a few years of marriage, however, a gift is something that will be of great value to your partner. Do not settle for a sweater or a tie. Choose a gift that will have emotional value and will match the duration of the relationship. 


Find below a great list of the traditional material gifts counting from the 1st to the 70th anniversary: 


1st anniversary: Cotton

2nd anniversary: Paper

3rd anniversary: Leather

4th anniversary: Linen

5th anniversary: Wood

6th anniversary: Sugar

7th anniversary: Wool

8th anniversary: Salt

9th anniversary: Copper

10th Anniversary: Metal

12th Anniversary: Silk

15th Anniversary: Crystal

20th anniversary: Porcelain tableware

25th Anniversary: Silver

30th Anniversary: Pearl

35th Anniversary: Coral

40th Anniversary: Ruby

45th anniversary: Sapphire

50th Anniversary: Gold

55th Anniversary: Emerald

60th Anniversary: Diamond

70th Anniversary: Platinum


There are traditional flowers for an anniversary depending on a couple's wedding years. You can choose the perfect gift with the flower that is associating an anniversary.


1st anniversary: ​​Carnation

2nd anniversary: ​​Lily of the valley

3rd anniversary: ​​Sunflower

4th anniversary: ​​Hydrangea

5th anniversary: ​​Daisy

6th anniversary: ​​Calla

7th Anniversary: ​​Freesia

8th anniversary: ​​Lilac

9th Anniversary: ​​Bird of Paradise

10th anniversary: ​​Narcissus

11th Anniversary: ​​Tulip

12th anniversary: ​​Peony

13th anniversary: ​​Chrysanthemum

14th Anniversary: ​​Orchid

15th Anniversary: ​​Rose

25th Anniversary: ​​Iris

30th Anniversary: ​​Gladiolus

50th Anniversary: ​​Yellow Rose 


More gifts


Buy Jewel for an anniversary


A gorgeous jewel or watch for your special recipient would be a gift that will delight him/her and have on it every day. Make it more special by engraving your anniversary date, or the initials of your names.  


Send Red roses for wedding anniversary


There is no flower more associated with love than the red rose, so a bouquet of beautiful red roses that symbolize love, romance and passion will immediately say to your partner "I love you". Surprise your other half by sending gorgeous red roses and let him/her know that you are constantly thinking about them! This will definitely make her/his day and she/he will think all day about you and what else you will do for your anniversary day.


And do not forget that the most important point of any anniversary is to spend time together, but we hope that this guide will help you make this anniversary special! We hope the above ideas inspire you to make the most of every anniversary you share with your partner. We also hope to help you find the perfect way to celebrate the anniversary with your partner or find ideas to choose the right gift for the happy couple.

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