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Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with amazing nature and beautiful cities. Norway is the country of the Northern Lights, the fjords, the Arctic Archipelago, the glaciers and snowy mountain peaks. Crystal clear waters, green areas, rivers, endless horizon, unique natural colours and of course waterfalls compose the scenery of this unique country of the north. It is really difficult to choose between the best attractions of this unique country with its inexhaustible natural beauties, cultural wealth, and elegant cities.


Norway is one of the happiest countries in the world so make your loved ones even happier with a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

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Majestic elegance to Norway
Majestic elegance to Norway

    Flower Delivery to Oslo, Norway


    Oslo is the capital of Norway. It is located in the southern part of the country and is its largest city. It is a multinational city with half a million inhabitants, of which about 33% are immigrants. Oslo is located on the Oslofjord Fjord in Skagerrak Bay and is surrounded by green hills and mountains and also by Marka, a wild forest easily accessible from the city. There are 40 islands around Oslo, while in the wider area you will find 343 lakes.


    Oslo has been redefined in recent years, aiming to be nothing less than a new cultural centre. It is full of museums and top art galleries and a newer impressive opera house. This is just the beginning of a project that will upgrade the city's waterfront and turn Oslo into one of the most interesting Scandinavian cities.


    Oslo City Hall is perhaps the most recognizable building in the city as it is the building where the Nobel Peace Prize winner is presented every December 10 last year.

    Vigilant Sculpture Park is a unique park of 80 acres that has 212 bronze and granite statues all naked.


    Fast flower delivery to Bergen


    Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and is located in a picturesque and very Norwegian, coastal landscape of fjords and mountains in western Norway. The city is the epicentre of the oil industry in Norway, while the port serves merchant ships, yachts, cruise ships and small fishing boats of the population there.

    Its long maritime history has bequeathed to the city the impressive area of the Bryggen. Bryggen's colourful wooden houses on the old docks, home of Baltic merchants (now home to elegant boutiques and traditional restaurants) are a major city attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

    It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, as it combines everything from the beauty of the Scandinavian countries: ocean, fjord, and lakes, green, colourful houses on the hills, traditional port, liveliness, mild climate, and quality of life.


    We deliver flowers to all cities, towns, and villages in Norway


    The city of Tromsø is located in the northern part of Norway and is surrounded by an impressive natural landscape, visible from all sides. It is about 350 km from the Arctic Circle and is the best location to admire the North Sellas. Every January, Tromsø hosts its own international film festival.

    Trondheim, much further south, is a city with historic buildings and the third largest municipality in Norway. It is known for its university and was the capital of Norway during the Viking Age until 1217.

    Finally, the western city of Ålesund owes much of its charm to a devastating fire that engulfed its wooden structures a century ago, destroying everything except the prison and a church. From its ashes a completely new city was created, mainly of stone and mostly designed by young architects, with rich decorative elements, turrets, bell towers, etc.


    If you want to send a last minute gift to your loved ones in Norway you can find great gift ideas at your local florist. Send gorgeous bouquets, arrangements and gifts to Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim or Stavanger.

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