Best florist in Athens , Greece

If you are looking for a reliable, consistent flower shop, then choose to make your orders. We are a member of the world's largest flower network since 1992 and serve over 155 countries worldwide with the best benefits for you. To send flowers to someone is more than a beautiful gift, it is also a way to send your best wishes and your kind thoughts to your special recipient. You can be sure that when you choose to send flowers from our on line shop, you choose to send the finest and freshest arrangements and bouquets to be delivered at the time you wish.

Our flower shop is located in Athens Attica, Greece.

Address: Τhivon 499, Egaleo, 12242.

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(+30) 210 53 13 623
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best flower shop in Athens Greece

Each gift has its own unique meaning with its main purpose being to speak directly to the heart of its special recipient. Discover below step by step the process we follow at Anthemion for the best quality of our products and our best services for safety and trust.

We supply flowers and plants from producers who make sure they grow in the best possible conditions, personalizing their care according to the needs of each type of flower and with ecological cultivation!

They use only organic ingredients to nourish them and enhance their properties. They also make sure they get the light and water they need until it's the perfect time to cut them.

Once the flowers are cut the farmers make sure they are delivered to the appropriate florists that best suit their customers' needs.

This process is carried out in a flexible and coordinated way, so that the flowers remain fresh at all times. Their transport to florists around the world is done with a fast and safe system so that the flowers are kept in excellent condition throughout their journey.

Once the Anthemion team receives the order they begin processing it by contacting the appropriate team of our partner florists closest to the delivery location. This way, we can make sure the flowers arrive on time and in great condition.

All the bouquets and flower arrangements you can see in our shop are created with love and care by our team until they reach their recipient safely.

Best flower shop in Athens Greece

Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing the best level of customer service for your flower delivery in Athens. Every customer is very important to us and we strive to give our utmost professional attention to every order. You will find an amazing variety of flowers that will help you express your feelings in the most beautiful way to your loved ones. You can be 100% sure of the timely delivery of your flowers.


We started in 1992, with a flower shop in Athens and we are proud of our cooperation with the largest flower shop networks around the world as well as our constantly updated online store

Our effort was recognized by a wide audience, not only in Aigaleos but also in all of Greece and all over the world.

So after about ten years of successful courses in 2002 and with the aim of even better exposure of the products and service to our customers, the business was moved to a bigger store.

Today, after 30 years of experience and with the desire to create special gifts for those who trust us, our florist proceeded to create the online store to choose a gift for you and your loved ones from a wide variety of products in the best quality and at competitive prices.

Anthem - An Ancient Greek Symbol

Our name is related to flowers and the communication of people's feelings. Anthemion, a term derived from anthos = flower in the ancient Greek language, is a stylized flower used as a decorative theme. 

Sculptures that complemented the decoration of the pediments in the Parthenon temple and usually took the form of animals, mythical monsters, plants and even gods. Those that represented flowers were called anthemia. Hymns became popular in temple decoration in the middle of the 6th century BC. century.


Nothing makes us happier than seeing a bright smile on the face of someone who receives a surprise bouquet of flowers. This is always our number one goal for all the orders we prepare. We convey your feelings responsibly and safely to your loved ones!


We look forward to offering you the best quality flowers, with which you can create unique moments that will be etched in your memory forever.


Each of our customers through excellent quality products, services, value for money driven by innovation, technology and a people-first approach enjoys the gifts.