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Gerbera flowers

Gerbera comes from South Africa (but today, this circular bloom is available in many parts of the world) and is part of the Asteraceae family of flowers, the Latin name for this species is Gerbera jamesonii. Discovered in South Africa in 1884 by Scotsman Robert Jameson, which its scientific name derives from, the meaning of its common name is in honors of the German naturalist Gerber. These flowers are strong perennial plants and are available in red, orange, yellow, peach, cream, lilac and more shades.

The symbolism of the gerbera is the simple beauty of a very happy life. There is an energetic  playfulness to these flowers and with their variety of colors and brightness they are connected with joy and cheer. Throughout history, the gerbera daisy has represented the innocent hearts of children and is associated with thankfulness, as well as happiness. These flowers are the celebration of life! Daisies are considered sunny flowers. These beautiful blooms just make you feel happy, and you can extend that feeling with proper care.


Potted gerberas


  • Potted daisies prefer partial shade or full sunlight and should be watered any time the top two inches of soil dry out.

  • Plant your gerberas in potting soil (combination of sand, clay and vermiculite).

  • Add fertilizer monthly to encourage blooms. Mix liquid fertilizer with water, according to the directions on the package.

  • Clip away dead daisies below the stem nodule. This will encourage new growth.



Gerberas in vase


If you want to treat gerbera in the best possible way and ensure a longer duration of stay in the jar, the care steps you need to follow are simple:


  • Select a clean jar and fill it with tap water at room temperature.


  • Cut the stems diagonally, from 3 to 5 cm, with a sharp knife or a clean pruning shear.


  • Do not forget to refresh the jar water regularly


  • Do not place the gerberas in place with direct sunlight or near central heating.


  • Place gerberas away from fruits. Fruits emit ethylene gas that causes quick aging in flowers.



Gerbera flowers can help you to express your thoughts and feelings for your loved ones and is the perfect choice to celebrate many different occasions.  


Gerberas are the perfect flowers to create a beautiful and elegant decoration proposal. Combine different colors and shapes creating a sense of carefree. Perfect by themselves or in an arrangement with other flowers, Gerberas are often used for multiple occasions ranging from birthdays, get wells, weddings, congratulations or for anyone recovering from injury or illness.


By placing gerberas in a colored jar, in a glass jar or in small individual jars, you create an original and subversive decoration proposal.


The gerberas are very well combined with green apples in your vase!


A lovely gerbera bouquet fits in any circumstance.


One of the most popular flowers in the world, Gerbera can mean innocence and purity. These lovely flowers in vibrant colors and sending them are the perfect way to brighten someone’s day. They are an ideal flower to brighten up someone’s day. In various colors or in monochrome! The choice is yours.


Gerberas are the perfect symbol of love, family and friendship! Send a refreshing basket of daisies, a colorful bouquet in a glass vase, or a bright arrangement of gerbera and deliver smiles of happiness.


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