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Aloe! The Wonder Plant.

Aloe! The Wonder Plant. PART I


Aloe is a succulent, evergreen perennial plant, that probably originates from Africa but grows wild in tropical climates around the world and is cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses. The therapeutic and cosmetic properties of aloe have been known to the ancient peoples for more than 3,000 years. It is found in many consumer products including beverages, skin lotion, cosmetics, or ointments for minor burns and sunburns. There is scientific evidence of the effectiveness or safety of Aloe extracts for either cosmetic or medicinal purposes.
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Everybody says that if you have an aloe plant in your house you have a natural pharmacy, available at any time, in case of burning, cutting and many other purposes. The aloe plant is consisted almost exclusively of water. Specifically, 96% of the plant is water. The rest consists of active therapeutic and miraculous ingredients such as oils, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and glycoproteins all of which support healthy immune system, soothe and cleanse the digestive tract, and support the circulatory system.

Aloe is one of the strongest sources of vitamins E and C and a unique plant source of vitamin A (retinol). At the same time it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as B complex vitamins, tannins, oils, fatty acids (oleic and linoleic) and many amino acids.

What is it that makes Aloe so unique? The famous gel is in the aloe leaf and is ready to heal you whenever you need it. Simply remove the green bark from the leaf and what is left is the transparent and gelatinous pulp containing the unique and miraculous gel. One of the most common is using aloe’s inner leaf gel as a topical remedy for burns and sunburns, cuts, and other skin irritations. This inner-leaf gel can also be consumed for collagen support, as a digestive aid, its immune supporting properties, and many other superfood benefits.

The aloe gel contains more than 200 therapeutically active ingredients. The most important ingredient, however, is resin, which gives it this unique healing property. The resin is this dry substance left after the gel is evaporated and is contained under the outer surface of the leaf. Resin is a quick healing substance that uses the plant itself to protect it from external attacks but also to keep it unprotected in case of incision or injury to its leaves. It is the perfect refreshing substance for both the plant itself and those looking for the ideal remedy for skin injuries or conditions.

Discover the Therapeutic Properties of Aloe Gel


Whatever your problem, Aloe can help you in the most direct and natural way. With an aloe in the garden or on your balcony you have a natural pharmacy available 24 hours a day. Aloe is going to help you in the following situations and not only:


  • The immediate solution in case of cuts or burns, as it renews skin cells in the most natural and direct way

  • Helps wound healing and soothes skin irritations as its gel exhibits a high absorption

  • Prevents and reduces arthritic inflammation but also any kind of inflammation

  • It has great antimicrobial and immunomodulatory action

  • Works proactively to flu or cold symptoms

  • Improves blood circulation

  • It restricts musculoskeletal pains


Due to its intense regenerative capacity, it is the treatment of every skin condition while its

cosmetic use has no limits:


  • The aloe gel hydrates deeply and penetrates all layers of skin

  • It significantly reduces skin patches

  • Helps combat acne, skin allergies while slowing down skin aging, either internally or externally

  • It reduces the itching and other symptoms of dandruff

  • Beyond dealing with skin problems, it is ideal for revitalizing internal tissues

  • In the case of varicella, topical use of aloe gel relieves pruritus while simultaneously disinfecting and healing without leaving any marks on the skin.


In the drinking form of aloe, it stimulates the body as well as cleans the human organism and improves their functions:


  • It works against hemorrhoids, ulcers, colitis, gingivitis, chills, inflammation, stomach upset, sore throat and many other symptoms.

  • It significantly improves digestion and helps assimilate foods

  • Works as an excellent cleanser and disinfectant.

  • It does good in digestion and treats to some extent constipation when consumed internally

  • It is a wonderful natural analgesic, without side effects.

  • Neutralizes fungi and viruses.

  • It seems that it can also act against diabetes by eating juice, which helps to lower the blood sugar

  • Strengthens the immune system.

  • It is a natural anti-inflammatory

  • It contributes to the health of the gums

  • It has been proven by research that drinking aloe juice on a daily basis significantly reduces

  • cholesterol in the blood, since it contains ingredients that favor its removal from the human body.

  • has anti-cancer activity

  • cleanses the body from toxins


Aloe is used as a key ingredient in the preparation of skincare and skin care products:


  • used in veterinary medicine

  • to make a toothpaste

  • for making soaps

  • for baby care products

  • for hair shampoos and bubble baths

  • deodorants and more.


Experts say that every day a new aloe property is discovered. The truth is that aloe is widely used by the pharmaceutical industry and in many cases has been described as an "elixir of youth".


Aloe is the wonder plant you can have in your home, always available to give you its magic healing properties.


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